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    Think of it this way...if Jack spends most of his time stooped over looking for operators...he's NOT paying attention to his surroundings...which gives roamers an opportunity to overwhelm him. Plus...most footprints will be dead ends, you can literally play mind games with him. As long as team mates can't see the revealed operators I think he will be ok...hopefully.

    I'd be more worried about mira and that window.
    A smart player will use him with another player the problem with Jackal isn't the scanning a footprint it's the fact it changes colors when you get closer. Imagine if you see someone has ran into a one way room you can scan him and wait for him to run out of the room or you can drone out a room without him noticing and then kill him. Jackal will be a powerful character if used in the right hands, especially with fuze if you want to reach the top of an objective.
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    I dont think that he will increase spawn killing

    Spwan killing is a low down trick that people who cant win gun fights do. so, i doubt that it will. itll be kinda funny to have a whole team scared of one player stepping into a building though
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    Both abilities sound really cool and I cant wait to try them out. Maybe one or both will be OP but without having used them for at least a couple days, there is no way we can assume anything. Let's try them out and comeback here to discuss. You cant truly call anything OP or under powered until there has been at least a couple weeks of game play and players have had time to learn how to use the abilities and how to best defend against them.
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    Originally Posted by feffreyfeffrey Go to original post
    With the new operator Jackal that can detect your location by foot prints just means you've to spawn kill him...
    So I sense a increase in spawn killing
    What do you guys think
    What if Ubisoft has done something AGAINST spawnkilling? Don't judge too quick.
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    Originally Posted by Chris_Oblivion Go to original post
    I see this Jackal operator, as the developers' "antidote" to chronic roamers. You know the ones, the kind of player that runs around like headless chickens, like they're in a game of Battlefield or whatever, desperate to get as many kills as possible by any means, which to me, diminishes the quality of the gameplay. But whether the addition of this operator is effective or not, we will have to see. On paper, it looks a damn good prospect, and hopefully is a step in the right direction to bringing Siege back into a more strategic, thoughtful, atmospheric, tense game, than the run and gun arena shooter it has devolved into.
    Actually it's not going to impact active roamers (headless chickens). It will however kill the passive roamer who goes to the opposite side of the map and hops on cams waiting to flank.
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