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    Question About Deflect

    Imagine a Nobushi standing at her maximum range from any of the assassin archetype heroes, and performing an attack that hits with the very tip of her naginata, so she's as far away from them as possible, well outside of the assassin's attack range. If the assassin deflects this attack, can they hit with their free damage counter-attack, or do they need to move into attack range before trying it?
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    Deflects are guaranteed if you land them regardless of distance yes. So is the wardens top counter. Both of them kind of sync you and your opponent together into an animation.
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    Ok, thanks for the answer.

    That's not exactly realistic, but probably a good thing for balance. In reality, part of the advantage of things like spears and polearms is that you can attack someone from outside of their engagement range, so unless they manage to close the distance somehow, they can still defend against your attacks, but they can never actually attack you back. But changing that would probably make spears and polearms too powerful. It's still a game after all.
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    Deflect works by dodging INTO the attack. So in your Nobushi case, the deflecting player would actually be stepping CLOSER to the Nobushi, sliding underneath of her spear tip.
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