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    PTS Intel: Last Stand - Survey


    The new Last Stand game mode has been available on the PTS for the last week and a lot of you have been playing it, which is amazing! We love to read your discussions about the mode here on the forums, but in order to find out even more we’ve put together a survey as well.

    Take the Survey.

    Thank you so much for your help!

    /The Division Dev Team
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    What the hell do you need feedback is not available if the 1.6 ps4 and xbox one
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    @OniaR77. Might want to try typing that again, it doesn't make sense.
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    having watched some of the live streams and you tube vids I had intended to take the survey from an observational point of view, as a console player the survey doesn't cater for this.
    I 90% play PVE, I don't mind PVP but as a player who likes to jump on and play a game I find I am spending a lot of time watching vids about builds and less time playing the actual game whilst faffing about to achieve a result., I don't like this and would rather just be able to get on with things, a good thing about survival I find. The new incursion is something I will probably not play, as a primarily solo player now I am not going to re-learn all you have changed and altered to keep the you tube crew happy and once again spend more time working out rather than playing.
    open world play is now boring for me and pointless, I have nigh on 100,000,000 credits and nothing to buy and that sum just increases with every boss or mission I do knowing that in all likelihood it will all be sold or dismantled, effectively giving me no reason to play. I do look for groups but my lack of expert knowledge on running through and doing incursions asap tends to leave me omitted and my solo attempts never go too well so I scrap playing because other than the satisfaction (which is important to me) of completeing it solo, reward wise I don't care as the odds of anything of worth are slim.
    I understand 1.6 was apparently going to be a pvp based update although I never recall ever reading such a thing prior to release or early stages of the game and did expect a wave based control situation, from what I have seen of the streams this is not going to be something for the occasional or casual player too much as the understanding and mechanics are a laborious study I can do without. it will end up no different to the DZ as it stands presently, full of persons who are fed up with smashing bosses easy and ganking is more fun. Some of the streams I watched showed a lack of interest in objectives and just shooting each other, this could be perceived as a tactic but I doubt it and the environment will move away quickly to just a cod like domination match where high powered teams with the time and means to analyse and manipulate their environment will do exactly that, dominate and control against a bunch of thrown together persons.
    unfortunately I will unlikely remain with the game as it moves in a direction that doesn't interest me, I did the alpha, closed and open beta's and after nearly a year of doing exactly the same missions again and again I will move onto wildlands in all likelihood and probably not return simply because any time away from the game puts you at an automatic disadvantage.
    what I am learning with the gaming world now as it evolves is that whilst we have beautiful designed games with great stories, when there is no end, repetitiveness is inevitable and interest, for me, wane. campaigns suffer in order to accommodate those who want pvp and the insistence that I have to play online and I have to play with random players in a community doesn't always sit well with me.
    I wish you guys the best of luck, and thank you for the game and the effort you have undertaken to involve the community in the development of the game to try and get it right, I will look into the release when it is available on console but I doubt my stay with you will be extended too much and I feel sadly that an exodus may well take place with the myriad of social comments I have read. hopefully for yourselves we will be replaced by the pvp inclined.
    my lesson from this game too is to not play too much if you want any merchandise related to the game without buying it, the amount of persons I have seen on twitter etc. who have won allsorts from watching streams all the time really doesn't bode well for the guy/girl who is actually putting the 4-6hrs a day of playing as opposed to 4-6hrs of watching. Christ one guy nailed it for me when he won the watch, t-shirts and everything else that comes in that big box, jealous, yes, gutted, yes, simply because he told me he plans to sell it all, he doesn't own a console and his tablet isn't much good for playing the game, go figure, I have played 800hrs of the game more than him, I could likely tell him plenty about why I really like the game but he gets all the goodies to show he's a fan.
    once again though, goodluck and thank you all
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    Go back to the no reload while sprinting. I'm almost sick and tired of these circle jerk M4/LVOA rushers. I like the vulnerability it gives. In PTS 2 people would actually duck and take cover for second to reload. I'm glad you guys tried that in PTS2 and I'm voting for it to stay. At the very least only in Last Stand.
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    I think balance wise, last stand is in a very nice place. But I am getting really tired of everyone running around in circles and never taking cover, that is why I really think that in the Last Stand mode there should be restrictions on reloading while sprinting. In PTS2 it actually felt like I was playing a cover based shooter, I understand why you need to sprint and reload while in the DZ and in PVE content but I was really hoping I could actually play some true cover based PVP and avoid the hip-fire, strafing mess that it is in the PTS3 and the current game.
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    Totaly Disapointed !

    Keep Armor form 1,5 and implement all changes that MarcoStyle made in the following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWgkhyY56Hg or i and my friends will only play the Division in LVL 29 DZ where the changes don't impact that much. Congratulations ! You have managed to make the game unplayable. Keep it up ! This way Year 2 of Division will never even reach the lvl of a discussion !
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    Stock vs Modified

    If you really want to know what your player base thinks of its current state, implement a stock version of Last Stand where players need to take cover and continue with the version you have and call that the Modified version. Let your players decide on what version they prefer. Then all you have to do is look at the numbers populating each version to see what the community really enjoys.
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    From [Hait] Clan in the Division,
    We believe those changes could change the game for good. Try this idea while we still have this PTS, before 1.6 drop out.
    We need force player to take cover in PVP.

    --While in cover give everyone some 50% of damage mitigation.
    --While in cover give everyone some 20% of damage increase against target out of cover.
    This will force player to always take cover.
    --Decrease bullet damage from out of cover player against player in cover
    --Make it easy and tactical for player to kill player when they are both in cover
    --Of course smart cover will add stability and accuracy.
    --Player will have to use the Skills to force player out of cover. Skills like flash, electric, fire grenades, stickybomb, turret ... should be use to force player out of cover for 2 seconds when hit or something like that.
    --Fire and explosive bullets can be use to help forcing player out of cover when hit.
    --Player will have to use Ballistic Shield to Flank enemy in cover.
    --Player behind Mobile Cover can be 15% more resilient against skills and bullet damage than player using regular cover.

    Hait_Choupy out. See you on the TPS
    Big Respect for Massive Staff especially to Hamish and Yannick.
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    Originally Posted by Hait_Choupy Go to original post
    From [Hait] Clan in the Division,

    Big Respect for Massive Staff especially to Hamish and Yannick.

    I hope they make a special place for you on the a-ss and tattoo it with the following message : # kiss here#
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