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    Some tips to use against nobushi and orochi users

    So i've read everywhere about nobushi and orochi's being to op and fast,as i used both during the beta i can share some tips to be more effective against them,especially the nobushi since she's my main.

    The problem people have with nobushi is her speed,bleed damage and her reach,but the way to beat her,or at least put her underpressure is dodging her light attacks left or right and punish her,be aggressive and always dodge to the left or the right.
    Watch out for her side dodge light attacks wich instantly inflict bleed,to counter this is simpe.
    The attacks comes from the direction she dodged,it can't be changed by the stance so be ready to block or parry in the direction she dashes.
    Her kick can be avoided atleast by light heroes by rolling backwards or dodging sideways and punishing it.
    Last the spin attack, it consists of 2 hits,the spin and the bleeding hit wich always comes both from your left side
    She's very easy to beat her if you know how to.

    For the orochi i can't say much i played it for 6-7 hours,most of them like to do the dash attacks,mostly from the same side the dodged,while skilled players change stance often to throw you off.
    They like to guardbreak into 2 light over head or 1 heavy and do the lightning dash after a back dodge,but this attack it's very easy to block or even parry like i do.
    Simply watch were e puts his sword when he prepares,if is on your left the attack comes from left and vice versa.It becomes a useless move if you have te reflexes
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    how to counter orochi

    I was playing for orochi, was winning 90+% in duels and quite frequently against 2+ enemies. ~35 hours total on ps4. AND I WASN'T MASHING LIGHT ATTACK

    So, here some tips against me

    Btw, some of this tips works against other assasin-calss cahracters.

    1. It requires opposit mind sets to block attakcs and to dodge attacks. Therefore, i was using dodging in duels and quick offence atacks against multiple characters. I was using blocks only when enemies were all around me. Therefore, use this idea that i can't use both blocks and dodges at once. If i'm dodging, either keep me on distance of your weapon (if you have the longer one), or hold blocks and be ready to guardbreaks until i'll commit mistake. Then guardbreak and attack. Also, if orochi uses a lot of dodges and light attacks trying out your defences - let him do that till he will have low stamina. Then noob orochi will go weak with grey stamina and experiecned orochi wil ltry to retreat till stamina recovery. Use either of this cases to attack.

    2. About dashes: i'd say it was useful during first day of beta, but then other players have begun blocking it very well because of it's long animation. Therefore, i'm using it now only for counterattacks. If you are doing long forward attacks, be sure, experienced orochi will dodge back and stab you right after your move, so don't use long forward attacks at all if orochi has enough stamina for long attacks.

    3. Do not try to spam light attacks. If orochi knows at least about side attacks with turn (don't know exact term in english), you will be quickly killed. I'd even say, do not try to attack aggressively against faster character ever.

    4. One thing i haven't learned enough yet are feints. I just can say it looks like a lot of potential in this things, but it hard to use them, and it was useless in beta, because there were very few players who were able to stand against simpler tactics. As you know, a lot of doomed victims were trying to spam light attacks Naive noobs

    So, guys, learn and use it, but this game has so many variations, so i'll find something new if i'll have long enough fight with player who actually can win.
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