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    Peacekeeper Guide: Stab, Stab, Stab

    Change log:
    Edited for Pre-Open Beta Faction War balance changes
    Edited for Open Beta balance changes
    Edited hero matchups based on findings of tournament and Open Beta play
    Edited for Release balance changes

    Hello! This guide assumes you understand basic and advanced concepts that all classes have access to such as blocking, dodging, parrying, light attack, heavy attack, and guard breaks.

    Peacekeeper Basics
    Peacekeepers are quick, lethal, and can win a fight before their enemy even knows they are there. It takes a special type of warrior to be a silent blade. Theirs is not a legacy of glory. They are an instrument of death, wielded to turn the tides of war. You may never see them. But you will feel the difference they make and trail they leave behind.

    Peacekeeper Strengths
    The Peacekeeper is an agile assassin capable of killing opponents with quick attacks and long lasting bleeds. The class deals high damage, but is difficult to play and master similar to the other assassin classes Orochi and Berserker. Mastery of dodging and parrying is ideal but not required. The Peacekeeper is not a "brawling" class, so generally feint is not required to master the class.

    A core mechanic to Peacekeepers, similar to Nuboshis, is their bleeds. Some of the Peacemakers attacks apply bleeds which slowly drains health over time. After applying lethal bleeds, Peacemakers can disengage and find another opponent while the previous opponent bleeds out and dies. Unlike Nuboshi however, a bleeding opponent does not cause attacks from the Peacekeeper to deal more damage.

    The Peacekeeper has a surprising harass presence similar to the Berserker via her up close light attack spam. This can overwhelm certain classes like Raider and Nuboshi or even a Warden not well versed in guard breaking/shoulder charging.

    It is strongly suggested you learn the basics of guard breaks and dodging before attempting to play a Peacemaker. The class does well with simple light attack chains from multiple directions up close. But Peacemakers mainly shine with their long lasting bleeds from attacks which require specific input timing.

    Peacekeeper Weaknesses
    Peacemakers are agile and high damaging, but that comes at the cost of having low health and not being able to take much punishment. Mistakes are costly and so precision and caution is needed. While fast, the Peacekeeper does not have lightning quick light attack combos like Oroshi overhead light or Warden side light attacks.

    The Peacekeeper has trouble dealing with highly defensive classes and guard break spamming classes like the Warlord, Conqueror, and a skilled Warden.

    Peacekeeper Basic Attacks

    Light Attack - The light attack is quick like all assassin classes, but does not guarantee a two-hit chain like the Warden or Orochi. Make sure to always keep your opponent guessing by changing up the direction of your attack.

    Heavy Attack - Slow but damaging. Not nearly as damaging as the vanguard classes. Heavy attack should be used on an unsuspecting enemy for high damage, to end a chain of lights, feinted into a light change up, or punishing when your opponent misses a slow attack.

    Deflect - Unique to the assassin classes the Peacemaker can dodge into an incoming attack right as it flashes red to negate the damage and briefly expose the enemy to a follow up attack. Questionable in its current state (closed/open beta) since parry has more reward for less risk.

    Zone Attack - Two slow rotations with your blades outstretched. Pretty good at clearing waves of dominion minions but at a very high stamina cost. If feinted you can cancel the second part of the zone attacks animation. The first part of this attack comes out decently fast. This means you can use it for a near unavoidable hit for a high stamina cost and little risk. With the infinite stamina from Revenge, you can spam this trick to deliver many "short" zone attacks for loads of safe damage.

    Peacekeeper Moveset

    Twisting Blades - Light, Light, Heavy
    The lights come out moderately quick, but the heavy is painfully slow. Your go to combo for up close harass. Great for getting extra damage in after a Stab combo. Sometimes, since the heavy is so slow, you'll want to only Light, Light into another Light, Light. Not as much damage, but more difficult to defend.

    Dervish Strikes - Light, Heavy
    The heavy is a bit faster than the Twisting Blades heavy. Good for a quicker poke when you think the heavy has a good chance to land.

    Sword Dance - Heavy, Heavy
    Not much to say here. Not much use really since heavy attack is so slow. Great damage if you can land both however. mainly used against preoccupied opponents. A double overhead heavy deals a good chunk of damage and should be your go to when you have an outnumbered enemy's back.

    Slipping Lunge - Dashing + guard break while not in guard mode
    Our running attack which is simply our plain guard break. Works great at low MMRs or unsuspecting foes. Best to not bother with this as your opponents become more experienced. Beats out almost none of the other classes running attacks.

    Deep Gouge - Heavy*, Light
    * refers to timing. Allows you to interrupt or combo a Heavy attack into a lighting quick Light stab which causes a bleed effect. Not much use doing the Heavy interrupt. It is not stated, but this move has many applications on other moves described below.

    Dashing Thrust - Forward dodge + Heavy*, Deep Gouge
    Our gap closer. Instrumental in getting close for follow up harass. This attacks is very predictable, but comes out fast. Always comes out as an overhead attack. Even so due to its speed it can be tricky to block or parry in time. Easily side dodge-able like most gap closers. A key component to this move is the Deep Gouge. You can add a Deep Gouge to the end of a Dashing Thrust (two hit combo, not an interrupt) for damage and the bleed effect. The timing is difficult to learn but once mastered is key to your arsenal. Try hitting the Light input right as the Heavy hits. You'll know when you succeed when you apply a bleed to the target.

    Sidestep Strike - Side dodge + Heavy*, Deep Gouge
    Great move for applying damage when dodging overheads. Also good for mixing up your harass since this move has surprisingly good range. It has more range than your standing Heavy or Light. Deep Gouge also can combo from this into a two hit attack. Again this is crucial to learn the timing for since it more than doubles the damage of this move. Try timing the Light input right as the Heavy hits. You'll know when you succeed when you apply a bleed to the target.

    Stab - Guard break* + Light, Light, Light
    * refers to timing. Unlike most classes your guard break is actually a grab. Right after grabbing, with the right timing press Light (pause) Light (pause) Light to get up to 3 chained bleed attacks on the opponent. If you mistime this combo you'll only do one or two stabs. This is the only damaging move a Peacekeeper can use off a guard break. You really want that third stab for maximum damage. See advanced tips below for alternate uses however.

    Riposting Stab - Deflect + Light
    Results in a Light bleed attack counter. Rarely useful since parry currently overshadows deflects usefulness (closed/open beta). This is especially so since parry leads to a guaranteed guard break for more reward and less risk.

    Peacekeeper Offense
    The Peacekeeper can be played as either an in-your-face harasser or a keep away bleeder. She is best played however as both.

    Engage with your dashing attack (Slipping Lunge) or gap closer (Dashing Thrust). From here you can either flurry in the opponent's face with your quick light attacks, go immediately for the guard break, or wait for your opponent to react and counter with dodge + Sidestep Strike into Deep Gouge, or parry for a free guard break. Once your stamina is spent, or you're happy with the applied bleeds you can dodge backwards and reset to repeat the mixup.

    The majority of a Peacekeeper's damage is going to be coming from her lightning fast light attack harass. With the fastest lights in the game it is very hard for even a seasoned opponent to parry let alone block your lights.

    Keep an eye on your opponents bleed damage to make sure you don't over-commit for no reason. When a player realizes they're going to die to your bleeds they're going to start going berserk with attacks. You don't want to be there when that happens. Double back dodge to roll away and disengage ASAP from combat if your opponent will die to bleeds.

    Parrying is a great offensive and defensive tool. To practice parrying, start a custom 1v1 game against a bot class of your choice and turn off all damage and max out rounds and round duration. 30mins later you will come out an expert at dealing with that classes timings.

    Similar to a fighting game your mix-ups are key to your damage potential. Do not be predictable in your attacks!

    Peacekeeper Defense
    The general rule of thumb for a Peacekeeper is to avoid staying in close range. You want to hover around Dashing Thrust range or just out of forward dash range. Toe to toe we simply cannot deal with constant pressure or the larger health pool from most classes. And since we can apply bleeds and back out we do not need to. Wait for your opponent to make a mistake or force them to by quick dodging in then dodging back out.

    Our defensive advantage is our speed and range. We're no Nobushi/Valkyrie/Lawbringer/Kensei, but you'll be surprised how far a Peacekeeper can stay from an opponent and still be able to attack even with just Light and Heavy attacks. Our range also keeps us safe from most classes raw guard breaks. They will need to first dash into you or already be in your face to guard break. That makes reacting to guard breaks against other heroes easier.

    Peacekeeper Advanced Tips

    General tips:
    • A parry guarantees a follow up guard break assuming the opponent is close enough after the parry (note: Nuboshi's usually are not in range)
    • Your best follow up for a knocked down opponent is to dash forward then use an overhead Heavy + Deep Gouge combo. Note this is not a Dashing Thrust. Dashing Thrust does less damage than an overhead and consumes more stamina.
    • Stamina willing, you can guard break, stab, stab, kick into nearby wall, Dashing Thrust + Deep Gouge. The Dashing Thrust chains from and interrupts the end of your "flip" animation when pushing an opponent away
    • An alternative for a follow up after a parry is a standard Heavy + Deep Gouge, again assuming your opponent is in range after the parry. This is great for when you need an execution to render your opponent unable to be resurrected. Or if bleed gets heavily nerfed making this move deal the most damage off a parry.
    • Do not underestimate dodging forward and guard breaking. Most enemies will assume you're coming in for an attack and not a guard break.
    • When in close range of an opponent try back dodging known short range attacks. A lot of the time you'll be able to walk back in an guard break at the end of their missed attack
    • Try light attack only chains. Our heavy is painfully slow, and even if the enemy is hit by light, light, they can easily block the heavy. The timing between two sets of light combos is low enough that most classes cannot recover in time.
    • Dashing Thrust crushes fleeing enemies. The input is a big clunky, but sprint after someone, then press guard mode and the Dashing Thrust input. You'll fly into their back for great damage. Repeat as needed until they realize they cannot get away.
    • Consider mixing a raw guard break into your light chain spam. Usually your opponent is focused on defending the quick attacks and will not anticipate the guard break.
    • You can cancel your attacks and dodges into a guard break. Use this to your advantage in place of feints.

    Peacekeeper Matchup Tips (Author's opinion only)
    Impaling charge can be guarded from the left.

    Dangerous up close if they're good at shoulder tackle mix-up and guard breaking. Their heavy attacks are super slow so can be misleading when trying to parry. Don't expect to parry much since their lights are too fast, and their heavies generally aren't used outside of guard breaks. Most Warden's do not excel at dealing with light attack pressure since they're usually looking for a guard break, light attack, or shoulder tackle. Shoulder tackle should be dodged and followed up with your guard break. Be careful when using Dashing Thrust against a skilled Warden. They will counter parry for great damage. For a more defensive option, back dash or back roll after their shoulder tackle into light + light if you want to completely remove their mix-up game.

    The core of their play is shield bash/headbutt. Both can be back dodged or side dodged. Do not waste your dodge on their attacks since the shield bash/headbutt that follows will auto track your dodge and hit you. Look for the yellow glow to see the shield bash/headbutt coming and side dodge + punish. Warlord's headbutt into light combo is more of an annoyance than damaging. What you're really looking out for is their heavy attacks. The Conq has no feint and their lights are punishable on block (!). Be patient when they're in your face and dodge/parry the heavies and block their lights and punish. Stay away from walls and corners. Both heroes attempt a lot of guard breaks so be aware of that and counter guard break. Another good tactic is to cancel a heavy into a guard break. They are a block favorable class so get in there for your own guard breaks.

    You know their opener/gap closer! They WILL hover out of close range and engage using Dashing Thrust. It is an overhead so parry and guard break or side dodge and guard break. Block the light attacks and punish the heavy attacks with either a parry or a side dodge. If they dodge + attack without you attacking, just wait it out and block/parry the direction they are dodging. Toss in a lot of Sidestep Strikes of your own. If they are highly defensive and only waiting for you to attack, throw in an overhead heavy feint likely forcing them to dodge. Then either guard break or parry.

    Tend to be weak to constant melee harass. Get in their face and spam lights in all directions. Their pommels strike is overhead only and both it and guard break and are interrupted by light attacks! Pause the pressure to throw in a raw guard break. Hero seems to have issues against Peacekeepers once learned. Keep your finger on your counter guard break button when in close however. Make sure to learn their unblockable animation for parry and dodge purposes.

    They like lots of light and heavy harass with their infinite Dauntless combo. The Berserker's Light is not safe on block. Meaning you can simply block their first attack (usually a light) then get a guaranteed guard break. No parry needed. Note as with all classes, the direction they dodge dictates which direction their dodge attack move comes from. e.g. A left dodge results in a left attack. Their gap closer is similar to ours but with much more forgiving timing on parry window. It is an uninterruptible overhead. At high level play they want to throw you into walls for that deadly guaranteed overhead heavy. As with Peacekeeper, if they're playing defensive waiting for you to attack, throw in an overhead heavy feint likely forcing them to dodge. Then either guard break or parry. If they try a 4 hit zone attack and you get hit, quickly throw your block to the left and start spamming heavy attack. Because you are in hit stun, by the time your heavy comes out it auto-converts into a parry.

    Most of their attacks are slow except their side dodge move. It comes from a reversed direction compared to assassin heroes.Their unblockable is an overhead that can be side dodged or parried. A skilled feinting Kensei can do really well against our defense.

    Deadly at range, so don't give it to them!. As with Raider, get in their face and start swinging. Their pokes mostly come from overheads so keep block high while closing the distance. Don't expect a guard break follow up on parry unless they're against a wall since their range is too great. Keep walking forward to gain ground on them. Parry to drain their stamina and then forward dash in when they run out. Focus on blocking their first light attack in their string as it shuts down their options very hard.

    Their gap closer should be learned to defend against ASAP. Practice against a bot to learn the timings. It can come from either left or right and is dictated by their stance. Side dodge or parry and guard break. Most of their damage will come from double overhead lights off guard break or gap closer. Keep your finger ready for those counter guard breaks. Their side lights and heavies are not too quick so are an option to parry. Best played at range with Dashing Thrust and Sidestep Strike.

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    How does one counter the "STABBY, STABBY, STABBY"?
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    "Berserker: Nothing more than light heavy spam."

    This line alone makes your guide a 3/10.
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    Originally Posted by Razor__Fox Go to original post
    "Berserker: Nothing more than light heavy spam."

    This line alone makes your guide a 3/10.
    You're 100% right. My language was overly opinionated and a bit too binary in that section of the guide . I have edited it to sound less absolute in that regard. If you want people to read a guide, don't offend their hero, hah.

    I have strong feelings towards Berserkers since they were my second most played hero. I simply feel they pale in comparison to the other Assassin heroes.
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    Zea1ot's Avatar Junior Member
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    All u need to know about this character gameplay is described in the title of this tread
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    Watching early Open Beta streams at For Honor headquarters day before Open Beta goes public. Here is what I've noticed so far. WIll edit as I notice more changes.

    • Bleed can still kill alone
    • All bleed damage VASTLY nerfed. Looks to be about 1/3 to 1/4 as much damage. Stab combo is doing less than 1 bar of damage compared to previously doing 3 bars of damage.
    • Zone attack range reduced from 4.3m to 3.5m (thanks Brando)

    Stab combo examples:
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    Indeed it seems bleed damage from the 3 stab doesnt stack with each other, a bit like the unblockable stab from heavy. You just win the initial stab dmg gain from consecutive stabs.
    So i guess doing the 3 stab is only valuable to extend the GB stun for teammates. In duel it is probably better to do an heavy attack followed by an unblockable stab, more dmg and same bleed amount.
    I just dont know if GB can secure a PK Heavy attack like others classes, i didnt tried it due to the previous insane bleed dmg it wasnt worth it.

    If GB secure an Heavy like other classes i think the nerf balance the PK GB. Anyone tried that ?

    Didnt see anything on the zone attack since they used it so rarely. the range wasnt big imo, it just that it leaps you forward. So is it the leap or the range of the blow itself that has been reduced ?
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    Edited guide with known Open Beta changes thus far from War of Factions Stream Event.
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    Your best follow up for a knocked down opponent is a Dashing Thrust + Deep Gouge combo. It may be possible to doing Dashing Thrust without Deep Gogue into a side Heavy. Need verification.
    Better move is to dash forward then heavy + unblockable stab, if you are the one who knocked down your ennemy, the dash forward should get you in range for the heavy. Dont know about the dashing thrust + heavy tho, if it work it could be the best.
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