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    pls change parry-keys..

    Im playing Warden all the time and i noticed that its very difficult to parry.. 1 out of 10 works.. the other are failures because either the game thinks i want to perform a heavy attack or it doesnt recognize that i changed my guard direction and it tries the heavy attack randomly after the attack which i wanted to parry.

    so please Ubisoft move the parry-function to another key.. maybe "E" because the game cant missunderstand it!
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    This is more likely you missing the tight timing required to perform a successful parry.
    Go under "How to Play" in the menu and practice versus a bot for a while and you'll improve!
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    I also think that may be the point. parrying is a very powerful ability that lets you gain control of the fight instead of just blocking and letting the attacks bounce off your guard. There should be a risk/reward balance for allowing you to turn the fight around like that.
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