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    Originally Posted by Philosopher_Z Go to original post
    Funny, imo Orochi is really quite average and a weaker version of the peacekeeper. All they seem to have over the peacekeeper are riptide strike and storm rush, both of which are cool looking useless abilities. They are simply way too easy to counter. I hardly ever lose against an Orochi (I main Warden, but my first try on Warlord I was wrecking (relatively) high level Orochis even harder), but Peacekeepers give me loads of trouble. The triple stab is madly powerful, and at this point almost no one seems able to actually block the stabs.

    If anything, the Peacekeeper will be getting a slight nerf. You can count on that honestly. In terms of nerfs I would expect the following:

    Warlord: very likely
    Peacekeeper: quite possibly
    Nobushi: unlikely

    I'd be very surprised if any others will get any nerfs any time soon, especially Orochi.
    Did you figure out how blocking teh stabs work? Is it possible to block all of them easily?

    BTW, I think after landing most combos, the attacker ends up at frame disadvantage. So it is ot surprising that the PK gets hit first in that scenario. It also doesn't mean she is slower than the Orochi. It's atcually hard to test their speed. One way would be to figure would be to figure out an even set up (when in a mirror match the attacks would hit ta the same time/clash). Then you could compare different classes (or different attacks) to see who's faster.

    BTW, the Nobushi seems to have a ocmbo that leaves her at frame advantage, but I'm not sure. Her tripple light seems like a good set up for her retreating light.
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    Originally Posted by seraphid Go to original post
    well, i post this because after playing like two hours vs orochi as a peacekeeper, i can't see any reason to play it. The orochi is like a better version of the peacekeeper. I will resume it in some points.

    -the moving atack is faster
    -have more range.
    -the evasion attack to the left or right is faster, can't be blocked by a guard break and is easy to follow up with a combo
    -they can easily punish you for fleeing, since they have an insane range with the withdraw attack.
    -their charge attack can't be dodged to left or right, since it is homing on you.

    Beyond these, i can't see anything where peacekeeper is greater or anything she can do that orochi can't. The only thing that i see that peacekeeper is greater i think, is that she can heavily punish you with a ward break, what will result in maybe half square more of damage than orochi. I'm a level 30 peacekeeper (1 reputation) and i only want to get the point of this, so if someone can explain me why i'm wrong or any deffect to take advantage of, i will be so grateful.
    1.Wrong,peacekeeper is faster overall.
    2.Only by a little which doesn´t really matter since you can move faster + your jump attack has almost double the range of orochi´s dash attacks.
    3.Wrong,peacekeepers evasion attack is faster and more stupid since you can follow up with an unblockable heavy attack which applies bleed everytime you do it.
    4.True but fleeing is always a stupid idea.
    5.Wrong,it can be dodged/deflected/parried/blocked.I´ve seen it.I´ve done it.It´s possible.

    Expect peacekeeper to be nerfed.
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    peacekeeper doesnt need a nerf, people just need to learn how to guardbreak-counter, parry and feint (which most people didnt during the closed beta).

    as for the OP:

    orochi is one of the easiest enemies for a peacekeeper, as the orochi is pretty telegraphed and his attacks are rather simple to avoid.

    his charge attack can be blocked, parried, dodged AND deflected (tried it all, done it all) and its easy to see coming too.

    you dont "block by a guardbreak", you parry his side-attacks and follow up with a guardbreak.

    this is yet another 100% "learn to play" problem, as almost all whine threads in this forum ...
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    Charged attack? Orochi doesn't have a charged attack!

    I swear some of these people are playing a different game...

    Wait storm rush? Storm rush is not a charge attack. Go please learn the vocabulary of this game and figure out what a charge attack is.

    Are you seriously saying Orochi is bad because storm rush can be countered?

    Are you really that daft!?

    You aren't supposed to be using storm rush as a gap closer anyway unless you have your enemy severely off balance.

    Storm rush, by design, pulls you out of typical melee range and then instantly gap closes and strike your enemy with a side heavy. You are supposed to use it to avoid an attack and then retaliate.

    If you are spamming it expecting it to be unblockable then you clearly don't understand how to play this game...

    Also... any person who says you can beat another character by just doing 1 thing... is bad and plays bad players and you should not listen to their advice ever.

    Any half-decent player is going to adapt very quickly the moment you start relying on one tactic.

    Anyone who says, "Just use (insert tactic) and you'll never lose to (insert class)" is a noob and has low MMR and hence only plays noobs.
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    Originally Posted by Peligrad Go to original post
    Anyone who says, "Just use (insert tactic) and you'll never lose to (insert class)" is a noob and has low MMR and hence only plays noobs.
    I love you @Peligrad you summed up my feelings about every video game ever perfectly

    Oh and more on topic as a player who's played mostly orochi in the beta and alpha I honestly struggle more against peacekeeper as an orochi than any other class its because of several things some simple some complex for instance I misjudge their range on the dive because it doesn't always match their animations also I'm used to playing a counter style offense as is intended for him and the peacekeeper is one of the fastest characters and their recovery time will allow him/her to still block my attacks which moral of the story you may not be used to that speed and it may **** with you because the assassin classes are so quick that your usual tactics may fail personally I find the berserker is the easiest to telegraph but I've also got more playing time against him just play and you'll develop tactics combos and strategies that will make you better
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    Originally Posted by Seraphid Go to original post
    -the evasion attack to the left or right is faster, can't be blocked by a guard break and is easy to follow up with a combo
    It's the same for all assassins. If you initiate a gard cancel on them while they are evading, it won't work since it will connect while they are doing their side dash attack. It must be done before they evade. The thing is, most classes have different startup frames for their grab.
    Originally Posted by Seraphid Go to original post
    -Their charge attack can't be dodged to left or right, since it is homing on you.
    But they are amazingly easy to parry anyway.

    Peacekeepers have that three-stab attack on grab that deal bleeding damage and also bleed damage on deflect and after a dodge attack IIRC. I think it's fairly balanced.
    Other than that, what yoloswaggerboi said.
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