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    Deflect Fix.

    They should just make Deflect same as parry but instead of heavy attack, press light attack.

    There You go, deflect fixed..
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    Originally Posted by Xanthus730 Go to original post
    Deflect isn't necessarily more risky than parry. If you finding you're dodging into attacks, that's because your deflect is too late. When you're going for deflects, error on the side of dodging early. An early dodge will almost always still get you a dodge, and if you get the timing, you'll get the deflect. Late = you get hit. Parry is basically the opposite, it seems. A late parry = you probably still get the block. Early = you get hit.
    This guy gets it.
    Dodging is massive iframes, with a chance for free bonus damage in from deflect. It's not direct competition to parrying, it's a different tool for a different purpose.
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    I cannot see any else purpose.

    I think this problem, and a lots more, could be balanced by simply nerfing Parry.
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    Originally Posted by The-Grey-Night Go to original post
    I cannot see any else purpose.

    I think this problem, and a lots more, could be balanced by simply nerfing Parry.
    This. Parry is too strong and relatively easy to use IMO.
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    Both parry and deflect are too strong. Free damage for defensive options is bad game design. Neither of them are difficult to do either.

    Also yes deflect is less risky unless you are doing something wrong. But zerker deflect reward is the same as parry but more consistent. Otherwise for orochi and PK they actually don't have much reason to deflect. It's more just something that you can get if you are timing dodges properly not really something you need to do.

    Also putting it back on right stick is a bad idea unless you add another input. Otherwise you will see way too many accidental deflects just from regular blocking which was the real issue aside from the lenient window to deflect in the September alpha. It's great the way it is and makes sense as the assassins are very dodge-centric.

    But as I said, NERF PARRIES AND DEFLECTS BOTH. That is all.
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