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    Peacekeeper guardbreak combo

    Perhaps I'm missing the proper counter to this play, but it seems that the grab and stab combo doing somewhere between 30-40 % of a conq/warlords health bar seems a little high considering how often guardbreaks happen in a fight. Why does this one attack do more than most two handed swings on heavier characters? Tour of Duty [Assassins] has really made it obvious which assassin are outshining the others. The Orichi and Berserkers are at least manageable but the Peacemaker's are always an uphill battle. Some enlightenment would be appreciated, thanks.
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    Don't get it

    Here's my problem with the Peacekeeper's gut stab. When I do it, I am only able to get off one stab before getting pushed away. When someone else does it to me, I get shanked 3 times and watch as 3/4 of my health bleeds away. I know I'm not great at the guard break reaction yet, but again, that is not my issue here. What am I doing wrong as the Peacekeeper that I only get to stab one time?
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    Originally Posted by TobiasStormrage Go to original post
    What am I doing wrong as the Peacekeeper that I only get to stab one time?
    The timing. You need to hit the second light attack when the first hits. Not too fast. Try it. Every stab is its own button press. You can get 1, 2 or 3 in, depending on your timing of the three.
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    Originally Posted by sayi50 Go to original post
    The reason is simple. Peacekeeper's main "thing" is that up close and personal gut stab.

    This means two things.

    1. It hurts a ****ton when a Peacekeeper gets you with it.
    2. When fighting a Peacekeeper, be more aware for Guard Breaks and counter them.

    You can counter a Guard Break by either attacking(cannot be grabbed during an attack) or press Guard Break the moment they grab you. You can practice this from Main Menu > How to Play > Advanced Practice

    No offense to you as you legitimately asked nicely instead of crying about it but when I see people cry about this in forums, as a Peacekeeper I go "You KNOW I will grab and gut stab you, why are you not putting more focus into guard break counters then?"
    I should have elaborated a bit more I suppose. I'm aware that counter breaks are the best way to not get prison shanked, but either everyone is still getting used to the counter window or it really is just that tiny. If the latter is true, that much health loss seems rather staggering in a 'easy to execute/hard to counter' scenario. For those that say its a hard move to pull off because of the light attack timing, that boils down to muscle memory whereas guardbreak counter is a reactionary move and I don't think the two are unambiguously comparable.
    I think what I'm actually asking is: "Should an attack that will kill any class in three executions really be that easy to pull off?"
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    Originally Posted by sayi50 Go to original post
    While I agree with you on the stab being memory and counter being reaction, I think you can also block all of those stuns. I see bots block some of my stabs even after a grab. I do not know how it works and I would love know myself as well to protect my gut from fellow Peacekeepers in the warzone. There seems to be a mechanic for guarding against the stabs that we just don't know yet.

    If there is anyone who knows how to guard against the gut stabs AFTER getting caught, please share your wisdom.


    Just had the pleasure of getting gut stabbed by an AI Peacekeeper. Can confirm. You CAN block the gut stabs by pressing PARRYING the pokes with right mouse button. I wonder if other yellow signed moves can be guarded against with parries? Like that lovely light light bash loop of Warden?
    Oh what? I would not have guessed to try that, For Honor combat impressing me further! Time for me to get back out there and git gud.
    PS: Appreciate the insight on the peacekeepers
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    Can someone please confirm that the stabs can be parried?

    No offense.
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    Originally Posted by Altair_Snake Go to original post
    Can someone please confirm that the stabs can be parried?

    No offense.
    After some fights yesterday I can confirm using guard in the right direction. What I can't confirm is whether guard has to be tapped or held (playing as conq) as I was playing domination in a non-controlled test environment. Ought to add that it isn't actually a parry and the only way the peacekeeper will attack less than three times is if they botch the timing on their end. Could still use confirmation on whether its a held or timed block.

    Also, no offence taken.
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    As a peacekeeper player, yes you can parry the stabs. Have happened to me in 1v1's and 2v2's several times. They usually only manage to block one though, so i think you actually have to activley parry each one. Also, if you think that is bad, just wait untill you meet a peacekeeper that has perfected the deflections, and cry. Even more bleeds that stack.
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    Thanks to both of you guys. ^
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    Peacekeepers Guardbreak -> 3 Stabs, deals 1.6 Bar, which is more or less the same as a Warden heavy, and the attacks cannot be blocked, i believe it was said on a stream that it was a bug that sometimes happened.
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