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    Start-up crash with ACU, ACR, AC3


    I am playing many AC on my new macbookpro 15" late 2016 with radeon pro 460, on win 10-64: ACR, ACL AC1... thru steam or dircetly uplay.

    But I have problems with ACU, ACR and AC3.

    When I launch the game, I am getting the start-up screens, until the real start of the game. then I get a black screen and Nothing happening?

    Any clues?

    Thanks for your help.

    I was using the games on my former MacBook pro 17, and every thing was working well!!
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    Welcome to the forums. I'll try to help you as much as I can, but a better place to go would be the PC thread.

    For starters you're playing on a laptop with a middle of the road graphics card. You might have to tweak the settings with resolution, framerate, and window screen size (especially if you're playing through steam). Next, these games are really poorly optimized (from what I hear), on the PC, which is probably straining your laptop a lot. Speaking of which, what's it's ram? Many modern games use about 8 gigs ram, so having under that will significantly impact performance. Hope this helps. Like I said, the PC thread will know better than me.
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