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    You may try to delete one of your posts and find that the Forum won't let you do it. If so, edit the body of the post to show only something like *Please delete*, *deleted*, etc. A mod will then delete the post.


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    This has been overtaken by events somewhat, Heimdall, as we can now delete our own. The hour edit rule has been removed as well.
    Thanks for all your input on this forum.

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    Thanks, yeah, I know. Have been leaving this topic stickied on a 'just in case' basis, but I'll unsticky and let it float down.

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    What about threads? I'm trying to edit or delete my thread but I can't find an option. Am I just blind or can I not do it?
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    Which thread are you trying to edit/delete? I can help!
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    Could you delete my posts?

    Title ->>>
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    tekka333 -- more detail, please. Like the actual title(s), for instance!

    Title ->>> isn't enough information.
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    Hey, can you also delete my post pls good sir?
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    tretjii -- a post is a single message, while a thread is a group of messages on the same subject.

    Do you want the thread Audio bug deleted, or only one of the messages in that thread?
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