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    [GUIDE] Fundamentals of Defense in For Honor

    Guide has been relocated to the main For Honor forums HERE.

    I expect the Closed Beta forum won't be around forever.
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    Nice! Thank you for this - hopefully more people new to FH can come read this and prepare themselves before going into game.
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    I think this was a great post, I hope the new players will give this a read!
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    Nice info and a bit technical haha

    Just counting the hours for this closed beta.
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    Thanks for this, it's nice to already have a somewhat in-depth guide available!

    Also that 3 man parry is really impressive and looks pretty silly, kudos for that.
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    Cheers mate, great read.
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    The sticky is inevitable.
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    I believe there's a mistake in your guide, you say any character can land their slowest, strongest attack on ennemies in the wall stun state, but it seems to be false for the Warden at least. I've played Warden a lot during all betas, and in the latest betas every time I tried pushing someone into a wall and following with a top heavy attack, some could block them, so I assume the stun isn't long enough for that. It might need further testing, but I distinctly it not working every time, and me stopping to push people into walls as I'm better off just guard breaking into a light combo.

    Aside from this, really awesome guide, very well written and organized. Lots of small infos that are very hard to notice/discover in game (I had no idea parrying heavies stunned less than parrying light for example), thanks a bunch for this
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    Originally Posted by DoktorFaust Go to original post
    I tried pushing someone into a wall and following with a top heavy attack, some could block them, so I assume the stun isn't long enough for that.

    it not working every time)
    Hi DoktorFaust!

    I know exactly what you're talking about, as I mention in the Blocking section changing your guard direction isn't instantaneous, there's a delay

    The Warden can guarantee a top heavy after a wall stun, but only if he puts his guard direction to the top immediately after the Throw, the window is very tight. If you can move your guard to the top direction before Throwing your opponent into the wall then it is a little easier.

    This exact situation is also covered in THIS guide by the Hall of Heroes, in that guide they say that it's because the Warden has "has not 1 but 2 versions of the top-heavy attack" but I disagree with that phrasing, I believe it's simply the extra delay of having to switch your guard.
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    Great post! It is much appreciated.

    I had a question for any of you who might know a bit more than I do. What do some of the stats from your gear mean exactly??

    I'm mainly playing the Kensei, so I will use him for my example. His blade has 3 stats; Attack, Defense and Stamina cost reduction. The first and last I think are pretty straight forward. But what does defense mean exactly? does it judge the damage I take when I block? Or the damage I take in general? What about the hilt's Revenge mode defense and revenge gain by defense?

    If anyone knows what all the stats in the gears mean exactly, It would be VERY much appreciated if you could point it out. Thanks in advance
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