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    Mood effects For Honor


    To be honest, these mood effects are so so so bad. I hope that Ubisoft has implement an option for the players to not see these effects that are caused by the enemy team. Remember: this is For Honor, not Dark Souls 3.....

    What's your opinion guys? This is really immersion breaking and imo they should change it or at least: delete it entirely!
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    Yuck. That's my opinion.
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    Also Ubisoft, consider these complaints on reddit also please: https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/co...s_compilation/
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    I have never seen any of these mood effects in the gameplay videos untill this one. Chances are it's either an upgrade you can buy for your execution, or it's something you can turn off in graphics settings. sides, it's not like they're horribly disruptive to gameplay flow or obscuring the whole screen.
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    First time seeing those effects, never seen them ingame while playing. Nor is these effects in any of the Hero trailers executions.

    if its real its horrible.
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    Would prefer different execution styles than different pokemon effects. Lol
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    Are you all sure that ain't just a joke?
    275 views or whatever, extremly poor made, I highly doubt that Ubisoft is responsible for that.
    And from where should that footage be? The close beta that didn't start yet?
    The closed alpha dozens of people streamed and recorded?
    The both technical test that were under NDA?
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    Well, but if it is, I'm gonna cry a little.
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    It is from the Beta. You can watch these Videos in the game files.
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    Originally Posted by ZitronenBaumGER Go to original post
    It is from the Beta. You can watch these Videos in the game files.
    Yes, yes they are... I hope I can turn them off so I do not see them even if a oponent is using them.
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