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    Yes, Unlike other game service clients, Steam, Origin, Epic, Uplay forgets my info so frequently, I had to google "uplay forgets my info frequently" and hence this post. It really does, compared to the competition.
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    Same problem here

    It's keep forgetting mine everyday... It's so annoying! These Uplay guys, calling themselves programmers, but they don't even fix this...
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    True. It drives me crazy.
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    Happens to me as well. I have to fetch the security code from email every day...
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    UBISOFT, CMON LOOK INTO THIS. Damn it, so annoying.
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    Ubi-Woofer's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hello everyone,

    A recent update to Uplay PC appears to have resolved the issue for some players, though if issues still continue for you, we are of course keen to investigate this on your behalf.

    Please ensure that you are running Uplay PC with no VPN active, and that it is running with administrator rights, as a minimum. Should issues continue with both of these conditions met, please let me know.
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