Premium Credits

What are Premium Credits?

Premium Credits are a new currency added to Tom Clancy’s The Division. They can be purchased in exchange of real money and spent in-game for various cosmetic and expression items at a specific vendor.

Why are Premium Credits added to the game?

We are providing more ways that players can express themselves and customize the look of their character. Weapon skins and outfits have been incredibly successful in the community to allow players to find the authentic look they desire, and we wanted to push this aspect even further.

Why do I have to pay for more vanity options?

While we want to offer more opportunities for you to customize your characters, we also need to find a way to do so sustainably without impacting the resources available for the main game. Monetizing them will allow us to keep creating more vanity option independently without any impact on the rest of the game production.

How much will Premium Credits cost?

Prices will be communicated at a later date.

Where can I buy Premium Credits?

Premium Credits can be bought from the in-game and first party stores:

  • In the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 players
  • In the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One players
  • In the Uplay Shop or Steam Store for PC players

Are Premium Credits shared between characters?

Yes. Premium Credits and all items purchased with the credits are shared between all characters on the same account. They cannot however be shared between accounts.

Will Premium Credits provide a competitive advantage and unbalance the game?

No. We want to preserve a fair game environment and would not allow for players to get any form of competitive advantage based on money they spent on Premium Credits.

Is there a way to get Premium Credits for free?

Yes. A limited amount of Premium Credits will be available for free as an Ubisoft Club reward at launch and additional credits may be granted in the future. However, Premium Credits cannot be acquired via in-game activities.

I am a Season Pass owner; do I get Premium Credits for free?

No. Owning the Season Pass does not qualify you for extra or free grants of Premium Credits.

Will Premium Credits be available on the PTS?

We will be granting Credits to all players on the 1.6 PTS in order for you to test this functionality. We will need your feedback on this feature just the same way you would feedback us on any other game feature. Note that the credits granted on the PTS and purchase made with them will not carry over to the main game and purchasing extra Credits will not be possible on the PTS.

In-game shop

Where can I spend Premium Credits?

Once acquired, Premium Credits can be spent at the Premium Vendor located in-game in The Terminal. Note that in order to simplify the interaction with this vendor, other players will disappear from your screen when you enter the vicinity of this NPC.

What can I buy with the Premium Credits?

You can purchase any of the following items:

  • Weapon skins
  • Backpack skins
  • Clothing items
  • Emotes
  • Bundle containing items from any or each of the four categories above

Will there be regular additions to the vendor?

The Premium Vendor stock will have a weekly rotation during each weekly maintenance. During this rotation, some items will be added, others will remain or be removed. Note that the rhythm of these rotations may change in the future.

How will the Premium Vendor evolve? Will you add new types of items?

We have not planned for any new type of content for future releases. For the moment, our plan is to add more of the same type of items as mentioned above.

Is Premium Credits the only way to acquire vanity items in the game now?

No. All items added to the Premium Vendor are new. There are still many vanity and customization items that can be acquired normally while playing. None of the previously available items in the game have been removed.


Where do I receive the items I purchased?

Premium items will be sent directly to your inventory after purchase, in the category this item type belongs to.

What if my inventory is full?

The categories in which Premium items belong to does not count towards inventory capacity. Having a full inventory will not prevent you from acquiring Premium items.

Is there any new inventory category added?

Yes. You will find new categories for Backpack skins and Emotes. Weapon Skins and clothing will be found in the same categories as the current ones.

How do I equip/unequip emotes?

To equip an emote, you must open the emote wheel and press Left Trigger/Space bar to open the emote equip screen. You can then use Right Stick/Mouse to select any slot and pick the emote you want to equip with Left Stick/Arrow Keys. One emote can be equipped multiple times on the emote wheel. It is not possible to have an empty emote slot.

How do I equip/unequip backpack skins?

Backpack skins are available in the inventory/Backpack Mods menu. You can press Y/Triangle/G key to “Apply Skins”. You can then browse the available skins as you would do for weapon skins.