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    big darwa fort capture bug


    I have a problem with the PC version of the game. The big darwa fort bug cannot be captured and the cutscene doesnt start, i killed the commander (dah) and all the other enemies.
    Dah's sklils and hut is not unlocked. Game seems to continue so i can kill Uii, but the fort cannot be capured. Is there any solution or workaround?

    Thanks in advance for you Help.

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    Hey there donmanios, welcome to the Ubisoft forums! I'm not exactly sure what could be causing the issue for you, but can you please follow the steps below to verify the game cache in Uplay? That may help!

    1. Launch Uplay.
    2. Select the Games tab at the top of the window.
    3. Click on the Far Cry Primal tile within your games library.
    4. Select "Properties".
    5. Under "Local Files", choose the "Verify Files" tab.

    If the issue persists after that, you may want to make sure you've definitely gotten all of the enemies. (I know you said you have, but just triple-check). If you still have issues after that, you may want to try reaching out to our support team through our support website here for further advice.
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    Worst customer support reply!

    A guy reports a bug and gets told to verify his cache?

    Um, copy/paste fail.

    Also I'm having the same bug...

    I have tried verifying cache files (just in case) it was actual useful advice, but no.
    Do better Customer Service Person!
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    Worst support reply

    Completely agree.

    As a matter of course, I encountered this issue today. Finished the fort battle, killed Dah, looted his body, but no cutscene.

    After exploring around for about 5 minutes, I found one (1) enemy that had somehow missed all the commotion and was still looking out in a corner of the fort. Upon killing him, the cutscene started and now Dah is my prisoner.

    Knowledgeable support would have suggested this very obvious problem. Thoughtful devs could have figured out a workaround. Alas, it becomes hide and seek with this mission if you haven't wiped everyone out before killing Dah.

    Good luck.
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