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    Better Anti-Cheat System

    After playing this game for a bit one thing is VERY apparent, and that is the huge population of hackers. Watching kill cams, to just simply saying, "HOW!?". The hackers in this game are rampant. It's not like it's not noticeable. From people pre-aiming through walls, pre-firing around only corners where you are and were never seen before hand. To repelling and shooting through window boards before it's even broken, just to get head shot by the guy doing the repelling.

    Hacks on this game are unreal. Just a simple search and there are plenty of hacks available with just a simple click. This is for anygame, however a lot of those games typically run a decent anti-hack engine.

    I know Battleye is a decent anti-hack and a lot of companies are moving towards it. But it seems just Battleye isn't cutting it on siege.

    Is there anyway we could get a better system? Perhaps a video submission system, that staff could review. Simply clicking report player isn't cutting it. I don't know how a lot of other players feel. But as far as my friends and myself, we feel clicking report player is just sending a ticket to a system that gets sent to the trash and never looked at.

    Automated Ban Systems are glorious and help out a lot. They reduce staff, stress, and can make a game much better than just manual banning. However if you were to join both Automated bans and player submitted reviewed bans. Hackers would have a lot less chance getting by.

    I know it's a long shot to ask for it. But I feel something needs to be done. Enabling in house game recording that records to a .siege file or something that can only be played on siege client and through Ubisoft staff or approved users. Players could submit that to Ubisoft

    Just to be clear, I am 100% against other players reviewing bans due to the pure fact of trolls or lazy people that just approve bans because they can.

    I hope you read this Ubisoft and take this post into consideration. I enjoy this game, just not the hackers.

    Maybe this could be a stepping stone for future games, such as wildlands (which I am hyped for.)

    Anyways, Thanks
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    I can do nothing but agree with the above post.

    There are allot of good players in the Siege community. And it's not hard telling when someone is just really good and when someone is hacking.
    But the amount of people who obviously use aimbots or any other form of hacks is just getting out of hand.
    When I watch a killcam of a person just tracking me with his crosshairs through walls (not even trying to hide the aimbot) it is obvious that something isn't right in the anti-cheat system.
    Like Mokey said, an automatic anti-cheat system does prove to work and save allot of work for Ubisoft staff. But it seems Battle-eye just is not cutting it.
    There is a boatload of hacks available online that never seem to be picked up by Battle-eye.

    I really enjoy playing this game but my god does it become frustrating just blantent hackers going about their ways.
    Please for the love of everything that is good in this game, fix this.
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