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    I make 3 tickets for AC

    I make 3 tickets for AC 2, Bro and Revelation for activation key! I forgot my uplay emails for this 3 games, i have CDs and keys! I make tickets for this problem and i put the photos whit me and the games and keys! how much i need to wait until they respond me??
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    You can always start a chat with an agent on Ubisoft Support Monday-Friday 9:30am-9:30pm GMT/BST and just choose problem category, game, (you can choose 1 game and then write for all 3 on the question) platform, write question, put on some attachments and Voila! you are ready to chat. Go down the page, and press "submit and start chat", wait on the queue and you will get your response, or wait 2-4 days or maybe 2-5 days and wait for your response. You need to wait so much because they have too many cases to answer.
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