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    Unknown Error

    Today (06/02/2018), I instaled Anno 2070 and I tried to play it... I get a message, telling me that an "unknown error ocorred"! I tried to find a way to play the game without needing to waste my time log in on UPlay, but I don't was able to do it -- now I want to know: why you at Ubi insist in treating players like if all them were pirates? I should be able to play any of the Ubi games offline too, once I have no interest in playing them online. And no, I don't care if are doing that to difficult the "work" of pirates. Not when your "solution" is also making difficult the life of gamers that only want to play a good game!
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    Unknown error

    first, pardon my english, i'm french.
    Today, I tried to play. The game lanched normally. But when it comes to log in, a message appears : "une erreur inconnue est survenue" (an unknown error happened).
    I try to change my password, reload the game, reinstall uplay, but the message appears again and again.

    Anyone have this problem recently ?

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    I can understand you

    yesterday, the game was at least still in the offline mode wanted to play all the time with a friend in multiplayer but I get the same message as you now
    Excuse me if the english does not quite fit it has been written about translater from Austria
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    Same error to me
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    The game is not working today
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    I got same problem, seems like Uplay/Ubisoft login server is down?

    Plenty of other people got this problem too:


    I am sure that they got good reason for this. Maybe it is because of DDOS, crash problem or maintenance?

    Don't worry guys, I am sure they will fix this as fast as they can and we all get back to play games we love!

    EDIT: It is probably because Scheduled Maintenance today.

    Anno 2070 isn't in that list, but since problems with 2070 login started same day it is most likely because of this:

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    unknown error

    Same here
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    Me aswell all day.
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    Hey folks, we're aware of the issue and are already on it, trying to find a solution.
    I'll keep you up to date here.
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    Still not working
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