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    Grow Up game reset!

    So I finished the game, upgraded everything to its fullest, found all of the crystals, etc... saved, quit, and left the challenges for another day. Booted up my game this evening to discover that my game reset to the very beginning? No continue option, even if I redownload my saved data from the cloud (which was the time I left it off at the previous evening), and still no option to continue.

    Is there no ability to clean up any missing tasks post-game? Did something happen to cause my file to corrupt? Is there anything I can do right now to fix this problem?
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    It happened to me too. PS4 version. I finished the story, reassembled the mother ship. Still needed to do the challenges and find half of the crystals. But next time I start the game, I started from the beginning, all my progress was lost.
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    That's exactly what happened to me. Except I had found all of the crystals, and had 38 challenges to finish. It might be an issue with finishing the game, maybe?If i bother to go through this thing again, which I doubt I will anytime soon because it ticked me right off, I probably won't end the game before doing everything.
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    On the Facebook page for Grow Up I've read that the developers are aware of this problem, since September already. But they have no intention to fix it, they recommend to restore your saved game from a backup. That sucks.

    I've contacted PS4 Store support, and asked for a refund because this game is defective.
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    Yeah, that doesn't exactly help if your back-up save file is also broken. It's good to know that the devs don't care enough to fix their game. someone mentioned on another site that this issue even happened with Grow Home. At any rate, I bit the bullet, and restarted the game. I've already finished it, and collected 100% of everything, including the challenges (which I did gradually as I progressed rather than wait until the end this time).

    Good luck with your refund.
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    Just to let ppl know this game is still broken, just bought it last weekend in the ps4 sale. Flying around collecting crystals was about 133/150 and the game crashed. Restarted and no continue option just starts from the beginning. Download save game from ps4 cloud made around 6 hours ago and still game starts from the beginning. Reinstalling games, deleting saves, moving game to different storage, nothing works. Waste of money and do not want to play it through again jusy for this same bug to potentially happy. Fu ubisoft fu!
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    Hello there Emexrulsier,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing crashes in "Grow Up!" and that you've lost your save data following one of these crashes. Thank you for letting us know what troubleshooting steps you have already tried.

    Please note that we may not be able to recover your save data if it has been deleted. I understand that this may not be the answer you were hoping for any apologise for any disappointment that may have been caused. I would like to take a closer look at the crashes you've been experiencing and provide some further troubleshooting to see if we can resolve these.

    If you haven't already, I'd recommend trying the other steps shared on this console troubleshooting support article, as these help to combat a number of common causes behind crashes.

    Additionally, do you recall if you received any error messages when the crash occurred? If you received an error message, please can you share this with us, as this will help us to continue troubleshooting the issue.

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    Another witness for the bugs of Grow Up!

    I'm a client (player) among your clients on PS4 and of course I had the same problem with this game which resets every time I advance well in the game, here are my error codes followed below:


    Request: CUSA05124

    -An error occurred in the following application (Grow Up!).

    These errors are displayed only for the game "Grow Up!" and they are the same every time.
    Do your best to fix this problem so that we can finish this game which I really liked among your games.
    But if not if you can't fix it then I will ask you for a refund if it's possible,
    Thank you to you and for your Ubisoft service,
    Best regards.
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