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    Chessmaster 12 and beyond....Will there be anymore new releases????

    To me Chessmaster has always been the best. Is version 11 the last or the end of it?
    I really don't like Fritz at all by comparison.

    Thank you.
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    Well, never say never, but I'm not optimistic about a new version. After all, it's been six years since Chessmaster Grandmaster Edtition was released.
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    They don't have to change the interface much, but with the suggestions in the bug fixes and enhancements section I can already picture a new version. I'm angry that Ubi is being so lazy. I think that Josh Waitzkin no longer supports the series so that's a big reason why there isn't a new edition. Also I think it's hard to think of a stronger name than Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition. Maybe they can call it Chessmaster 12, or just The Chessmaster or maybe Chessmaster Ultimate Edition. If the Chessmaster were in the hands of Chessbase, there would have been a new version a long time ago. One strong point of the latest Chessmaster is its interface, even after 5 years I prefer it to that of Deep Fritz 13. Deep Fritz 13 is a better game though in my opinion, but the next Chessmaster could be a strong rival. Fritz is sputtering though now I think, I don't know if there will be a Fritz 14. Houdini 3 is now the world's strongest engine.
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    What I'm about to say is my own personal opinion:

    1. The only changes I think the interface would need is to ensure that it would support touch-based platforms (that is, tablet computers). Other than that, the biggest thing is to fix the existing bugs, add a few new features; and perhaps, give the engine an update.

    2. I'm guessing Josh Waitzkin was paid for his support of the Chessmaster franchise, and that agreement has long since expired. While his tutorials are still the best I've seen, Josh doesn't play professionally any longer, so he's not as big a draw as he once was. However, I don't think this is the reason Chessmaster hasn't made any advances in the last six years.

    3. I don't think coming up with a new name is a big issue (although I admit, 'Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition' is difficult to top).

    4. You didn't mention support for Online Play... if there is a new version, Ubisoft would be wise to abandon a proprietary system and integrate support for ICC or some major online chess sites.

    Unfortunately, I still don't think a new version will be released. I think Ubisoft is just focusing on other titles where the profit margin is higher.
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    New release please!

    I think ubisoft should release a new version! It's the best software for playing, studing and improving chess. It more tutorials and precticising exercises it would be unbeatbull!
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    I don't think Ubisoft realizes or understands that there is still a market for Chess

    The biggest issue in my opinion with Chessmaster is that even with improving technology, there is still no CUDA support. It's bad enough that the graphics (i.e. chess board, pieces and the menu) look worse than they did in Chessmaster 3000, but the fact that it uses the CPU only and not the GPU for complex calculations is just appalling. They should either take care of their product properly or abandon it altogether and let the open-source community improve it.
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    I won't deny that Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition has problems; but you won't get anyone to take you seriously when you make statements like the ones you've made.

    I don't know what Ubisoft's reasoning is for not releasing a new version of Chessmaster (or at least some updates). I've made some speculations on this in the past, so I won't rehash them.

    From what you've said, you're clearly not a long-time user of Chessmaster. I'm using an NVidia GeForce 9600M GT and the graphics are very nice. Could it be better? Sure, but there are several other issues that are more important before any work is done to support CUDA:

    1. Issue with CM constantly using 100% of the CPU (even when the game is paused, or you're in the main menu).
    2. Drills locking up
    3. Errors in tutorials
    4. Online Play - no longer supported

    These are just the major issues -- there are several other minor things that should be improved before work on graphics is attempted.

    While I am not against open-source software, I'd say you're rather naïve in suggesting that making Chessmaster open-source would somehow fix all the issues. Were you volunteering your time and services?
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    Only recently did I switch from Chessmaster 3000 to the new edition and I must say, although there are a lot of features I do like, it's very much the same. Josh's Academy is excellent although sadly there are a lot of bugs other than the ones you mentioned and sadly the program windows (including whatever Josh is reading) can no longer be moved around. I just hope support can help me before I grow old.
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    If you're having problems, I'd first suggest you read the Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition FAQ... that's a good place to start. If you're still having issues, post a question. That's what is forum is for.

    I wouldn't suggest e-mailing Technical Support unless you've exhausted all other options. More than likely, you'll get a canned response telling you that your problem is a gameplay issue they can't help with, and that your question belongs on the forums.
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    I knoiw this is a really old post but I really would like to see a new chessmaster I still use chessmaster 11 but the servers are dead I liked the UI at the time and being exposed to websites like chessbase and such I thought maybe a new chessmaster would be great if it had all these types of features some of these websites have and possibly this cool new free software called ForwardChess have a feature kind of like that although ForwardChess uses Stockfish Engine I think having all these discovered features in one game with a much cooler UI and graphics, Fritz is cool but I know Chessmaster can do better.
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