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    Weapons Are Not Available To Print?

    Ok, I've looked and looked but can't find an answer to my predicament.....there are no weapons available for me to print in any of the 3D printers....I have the RCs but where are all of the weapons I'm supposed to be able to buy/print? They don't show up....
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    Hi racerchick80 and welcome to the Forums!

    That is very unusual. Are you able to select the empty slots in the printer menu labeled 1 and 2? These are your weapons slots and are where weapons are printed.

    Please post a screenshot of what you are seeing in your printer's menu and we'll help get to the bottom of this
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    the "noob" something pistol should be the first which you can buy, but its not on the tazer-gun slot, it's below that
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    No, I do not agree with you. I can not agree that you can not find the printer for your work its is not possible. I purchased this printer https://productz.com/en/epson-l355/p/WG10W and it is working on its full capacity. All it's brushes and ink are in the same working condition till now.
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