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    Hi Thefathermind, the break in audio is the game stabilizing the connection of all players so that they can have a seamless connection within an active game. Dillon is correct in saying that it could have been a connection issue, and this is always the first step to suggest in our troubleshooting. If you didn't start with your connection details, then that response was warranted including having you check your NAT type. Even with high speed connections, there could be settings adjusted that would effect what the NAT shows on the console.

    NAT comes into play as that is what PlayStation uses to indicate your signal strength:
    NAT Type 1 (Open) – You are either NOT behind a router/firewall OR you have already DMZ enabled. You shouldn’t run into any issues whilst gaming, but this may cause security issues.
    NAT Type 2 (Moderate) –Your PS3/PS4 is connected properly and you shouldn’t run into any issues.
    NAT Type 3 (Strict) – You may be able to connect to the PSN and perform downloads/updates other functions may not work as intended.
    Hi Ceecee, there is an audio bug where spectators can be heard in games in progress, some people are using this bug to disrupt games.

    I tried to start a new thread,but the forums said I needed to select a prefix,but wouldn't allow me to select a prefix.
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    Originally Posted by robdot Go to original post
    Hi Ceecee, there is an audio bug where spectators can be heard in games in progress, some people are using this bug to disrupt games.

    I tried to start a new thread,but the forums said I needed to select a prefix,but wouldn't allow me to select a prefix.
    Greetings robdot!

    UbiCeeCee does not monitor the forums very closely. Could be days before this is seen. I suggest you create a trouble ticket as this is the proper procedure in the event of a bug.

    Here is a link to the page as I have had trouble finding it myself in the past... https://support.ubi.com/en-US/Cases/Channel
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    So while playing last night I observed and spoke to a number of people experiencing the audio bug when people joined on our game. It even happened to me a few times... Sometimes I get to say things.. "Hold on.. I am having trouble hearing you.. someone is joining!!" and then low and behold a second later that person appears!! I wish I could say I understand why you are ignoring this issue.. but I do not... Could someone at Ubi please explain to me what we need to do in order to force you to add this to your known issues list???
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    Sounds to me like Ubisoft is getting ready to "finish" the game and just abandon it. I wouldn't care if the fixed the horrendous glitching audio. Other applications and games NEVER have this god damn glitching voice audio bug. Don't feed us that crap that the game is "synchonizing" the audio / users. How about you do that without it losing all quality? What a thought. At least tell us if you didn't make enough money on the game to go back and fix it, or that you shifted all resources to Star Trek. Frankly, I'm not sure I can be convinced to buy Star Trek because you fail to properly fix a CRITICAL issue in this game.

    Ubisoft do not forget the problems that AC Unity gave when it was broken and unfixed. Sales were not lost on that title but faith and lost sales in future titles too. Hell, this is the first Ubisoft game I've purchased since that miserable release and I am not impressed... again. I doubt I will be picking up Ghost Recon Wildlands, either if this is how you handle your software. Have you turned into just a cash grab style company, aka fraudsters.
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    The thing is.. Werewolves within is literally the best game I have every played in my LIFE. It is VERY addicting. I see new people playing it every day. It has gotten no PR so it is going to take a while to gain *Steam* but it will... But not as long as it is broken. At this time I tell people how great it is.. and then, unfortunately, say, "But do not buy it now. Wait, as it has a terrible audio bug that will make you crazy and Ubi is trying to pretend it does not exist. Wait and see if they fix it first".
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    for the record:
    on my PS4 this audio stuttering happens in Star Trek Bridge Crew too when someone enters the lobby. (same code, no surprise)
    It's irritating but luckily it's only the lobby... kinda nothing compared to the other bugs in the game.

    Unhappy to see how Ubisoft is treating the three VR games including the customers...
    Guess we are only a small bunch of VR pioneers w/o a lobby.
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    I had to stop playing WW because of all the problems... Lets face it.. Ubi is a sh**y company who makes games that look good.. as long as you do not play them. They are a company that has too many disconnects in their support system with employees that clearly cannot read. They release their games too soon and unfinished. It makes me sad because they are SO CLOSE to being amazing... But they have clearly let their greed get in the way and we are the ones that suffer..
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