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    Some Question and Suggestion

    Cant Heroes be an Real Time Strategy like Starcraft or be like Far Cry Open World =_=
    I mean the lore of Erathia is enough anyway =_=
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    HOMM series is a turn-based fantasy strategy game. It's almost similar to the chesses, and there's no reason to change it until community love this attitude.
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    at least heroes III will have at least some spin-off

    I mean Don't players get tired of the game
    all Heroes Plat Form is turn-based strategy TBS

    but some people wants change =_= a pity.

    heroes V and Heroes III is the only good series that remain

    The lore of Heroes III is rich enough to have some kind of skyrim like of gameplay.
    and the races and armies if perfect for an Real Time Strategy

    oh well
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    Heroes III just love it

    Heroes III is one of the best strategies I have ever played. Please don't change anything just make it work. And please If you will made another one of the series, just don't include loot boxes, because If i want to gamble I can do it in some. Thanks.
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    Already Copy of Steam Edition

    I have copy from Steam edition for a longtime...... and the question is Hereos III HD on Android tablet. I have to buy it again. or not?
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    garypower88, =_= lol how is it going to change you'll still have the Heroes 3 Classic and that will never change,

    What I mean is, well you see, there's no Competition on Real Time Strategy Field anymore,

    Starcraft Dominates it. Cossack Blitzkrieg Sudden Strike Couldn't Even Fathom to beat them.

    I mean if they can make Heroes 3 Complete into Real Time Strategy with Simple Instruction It could be a Blast,
    Everybody don't know what they want until, it's released.

    if Ubisoft can't make it why not just let it be a Kickstarter thing,
    check if people will Buy to the Idea =_=
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    If they won't change the RTS type, why not just Outright enchance the Wake of the Gods Version of Heroes III

    I mean Wake of the Gods and Horn of the Abyss are the best Mods that ever come out to Heroes 3
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