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    also here is how it crashes: https://youtu.be/MU-hkJKoSV0
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    guys i probably found a fix im playing for 2 hrs straight now the fix is enable page file and set pixel density to 0.90 in game settings the game will look a little blurry but we all want to play the game without crashes right? (if 0.90 wont work try 0.80 0.70 .60 etc...)
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    btw wow the support is terrible i cant start live chats and far cry 5 and ac origins still crash
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    @notoozzii : Hi bro i have read your reply and i disabled the Page File but after disablng Page File the game crashed in loading screen itself, After disabling Page file game becomes worsen
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    ok then dont disable it make it automatically manage paging file size for every drivers
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    I guess it will be like screaming in the dessert, but I also experience problems with Watch Dogs 2. It always crashes, sooner or later during the game. Very frustrating. The tips on internet about running it as administrator or doing a work around regarding Easy anti cheat folder did not work for me.

    Like many others, the only games crashing for me are from Uplay. There must be something not right. Something similar happening recently with The Division.
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    yeah only ubisoft games and other notorious games crash on my computer and yeah its like screaming in the dessert they wont help or they cant
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    I've updated my driver and even used the hotfix, but crashes still persist. Even worst is that I experienced TWO BLUESCREENS OF DEATH playing this game from an issue stating "Trying to open Read Only file." whatever that means.
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    Hey everyone,

    I'm sorry for the time taken to get back to you here.

    However if you have tried various troubleshooting already, can you please reach out to us on the support site with your System info

    We will need to look into your specific system setups to see if anything is occurring out of the blue.
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    Oh my god! Why dontt u guys understand we already chatted lİve wİth the agents wİth the dxdİag and msİnfo just help us help us help us! Fİx your game we r just waİtİng all thİs tİme for u guys to say the same thİngs agaİn? We are not stupİd as u guys assume u wİll lose customers İf u guys dont help us
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