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    Universally Wanted Feature

    So anytime you bring it up around the fire everyone tends to agree that statistics about your gameplay are wanted. How many rounds as each role, how many wins/losses, how many successful votes for werewolves, times as wolf fingering the saint (sounds bad sorry). Then roll these into leaderboards. This is especially nice for what seems like a small community. We are running into the same folks, now we want to know how we all really stack up!
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    I agree. Stats are the most needed feature besides bugs fixing.

    -Also, possibly just a ranking level system. Just so people can be focused on actually playing the game right and winning,
    -Unlockable gear for characters.
    -MINI GAMES! Really needed between matches when waiting for people.
    Let us play craps, or cards, or hot potato with a bomb or something. Just so when theres only 5 of us waiting we have something to do.
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    I would enjoy examples of everyones roll. Even when you're not that role. It would help to lie about that role that you're trying to be. Example: Tracker - see's half the group on his left or right as a werewolf or human.

    Something like this in the book so we can play our roles better.
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    At the main menu choose Ubisoft Club and then choose the "More Stats" button and it will tell you how many hours you played, and how many times you played each role.
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    I wouldn't mind being able to view my personal stats, but please no Leaderboard. I'm afraid of how serious people would take the game and rage on new players making mistakes and such... could ruin the fun play of this social game.
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    Hey all, our Game Director spoke on this issue during his r/PSVR AMA :

    We are definitely aware of players' statements on stat tracking. But here's the thing:

    We designed Werewolves Within as a social experiment. There isn't really another title out there currently that provides the same sort of experience or gameplay, so we didn't have a lot of data to draw on when the game was in development. We honestly didn't know what to expect from the community at all.

    And what we've seen so far is a very patient, outgoing, forgiving, and HILARIOUS community of players who are into the game for what it is, as opposed to a purely competitive activity. I think it would be risky to open the door for the more toxic elements that ranked competition can sometimes foster. Gallowston should be a place where people come to joke around and lie to each other and have a social good time, as opposed to a place where you're worried about your W/L ratio.

    Also, VR is very young, in a commercial sense. Anytime a player shows up in a match, this may very well be their first VR experience. Keeping the game more casual and jocular rather than competitive ensures that it stays a little more accessible, I think. Werewolves Within is a gateway drug er, example of what social VR can be.
    That said, I know the community is looking for ways to make sure that it continues to grow and that, as players, you have good long-term motivations to keep playing. We have a number of ideas here at the studio that we're weighing in terms of game impact and production capacity. In that sense, I definitely agree with the desire for something to be there that continues to keep the community engaged. I'm just not sure that "career competition" is the way to approach it.

    You can find more on his AMA here: https://www.reddit.com/r/PSVR/commen...or_werewolves/
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    Thanks for the reply UbiCeeCee, I'm happy to hear that the Game Director does not want to add potential toxic game elements... I absolutely agree with the call.
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    It is understood that WW is just an experiment, but after reviewing it you must see that it has grown to something more.
    Role playing games has been a huge hit since D&D and UbiSoft/Red Sky has found the proper way to implement this type of games in VR environment. Please don't give up the opportunity you have here.
    There is potential to define the genre with WW being the first of its kind.
    Of course nobody wants a K/D/A or gearscore or equivalent check on all players before starting a round, but an option to choose an advanced lobby after a few hundred completed games wouldn't ruin the experience.
    Personally I would love the game to evolve and keep the players interested. I know it would require a lot of work to give players the option to create their own scenarios but imagine the impact on the genre if specific rule books could be saved for others to rate and play.
    A few examples we discussed around the table earlier.

    Replace the deviant with the witch/wizard that has the ability to once switch role with any other character before the time of second gossip and the switched player becomes the deviant (or the wizard if no switch was made) second gossip is adjusted for the switch in normal order.

    The Zombie enters the game, and will instantly bite and infect another player when whispered with. Zombies win if more than half of Gallowstown is infected.

    The Paladin replaces the saint and may lay his hand of protection on any player prior to voting round. This player is protected and can not be voted out.

    These ideas and many more can be parts of custom rule sets with separate lobbies and imagine what a social experiment it would be to see what ideas the players can cook up, share, and get others to play. If you don't do it, maybe EA will.. and nobody would want to see that.
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    Came throughout a glitch inside the roles closing night time, have been the ultimate strength position within the book is by no means certainly in the game itself!! So absolutely everyone claming that function may want to easily be referred to as out as a werewolf/ deviant and so on as you can read. This passed off in each game we played.
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