So guys, the previous problem of being too quiet with AGC turning off was fixed and I have received no complaints at all for being too quiet. Great work!

However, a different problem exists, which was present before but now needs some attention. On PC for me as a Rift user I get audio voice problems from everyone at the same time and it sounds like the audio cuts out for voice but has very micro stutters cutting in to where I can't understand anyone. It will last sometimes up to a minute and basically breaks the round. It will happen every round in some fashion, for five or ten seconds at a time, but every couple rounds it happens for like a minute. I verified my internet connection is okay, and nothing should have been interfering with it.

In the match, I appear to be the only one who experiences it. All PSVR users say that they are not having the issue. Great game. I hope you can fix this because it is quite a problem.