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    Cross play please

    UBI! This game would be absolutely perfect for cross platform gaming.

    I'm a PC gamer, as I love eye candy and 60+ fps gaming. The problem with being a PC gamer is;. A lack of people to play with.

    We all know mouse and keyboard Trump's controller during fps gaming. That said;. Not an issue with for Honor. The field is level. I'd love to play this game, and actually be able to find matches easily.

    I've been playing gow4 on PC lately, and cross platform is the future. UBISOFT PLEASE, MAKE THIS CROSS PLATFORM!
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    Why? You would rather they made it easier on one more than the other??
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    M&K may not give you an advantage, but 60 fps does. Cross play isn't going to happen. No chance in hell.
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    Originally Posted by Nyankonono73 Go to original post
    Oh, it's about FPS now, is it? Then why not at least allow PC, Xbox Scorpio and Ps4 pro gamers to play together?
    Xbox and PS4 will never play together. So you can either have Xbox and PC, or PS4 and PC. And keep in mind that whichever one you choose, that will leave us with one big community on the cross play platforms, and one tiny community on the console left behind. No publisher is going to split their community into one official main community, and an auxillary.
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    While the game as a whole is not cross-platform, the area dealing with War of Factions is. While i would like to play this with my better-half and her PC friends, being able to coordinate our efforts on increase our territory in Factions is enough for me.
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    Originally Posted by Nyankonono73 Go to original post
    I am informed.

    "If Sony gave it the green light, the feature could be up and running within a few hours."

    Notice that first little word in that sentence. If. Meaning 'in the event of'. And Sony is not going to give it the green light. They have no reason to do that. They are leading the console war right now, they have no reason to compromise with the enemy. Of course Xbox wants cross platform, one of the main reasons people aren't buying an Xbox 1 is because all of their friends bought PS4s and even if they'd really rather have an Xbox, since they can't play together they'll probably just get a PS4 like their friends. With cross play, those people could buy an Xbox 1 and still play with their friends. That's a bonus for Microsoft. But for Sony, forcing people to buy a PS4 if they want to play with their friends only sells more consoles for them. Getting rid of that advantage would be utterly moronic. So they won't.

    If you're making a cross-play game, you should have that set up from the very outset. Additionally, if you're making a cross-play game, you should only put it out on 2 platforms, PC and one of the consoles. That way, you only create one giant community, instead of several smaller ones, and force everyone who wants to play the game to play it in that same community. It gives the game focus, and since players are content in multiplayer games, it gives the game longer legs. That's why basically all of the games that have gone cross-play, have done it this way.
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    there will be cross platform only for the war faction territory map which at least makes sense that what ever platform you play you contribute to the overall faction war no matter the platform you use.
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