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    Patchnotes 1.02

    The Update will be available on the 22/12/16 for PC and the PS4, as well as on the 23/12/2016 on the XB1. More information can be found here!

    Exploits Fixed:
    • A system now informs players when they don’t move on to the next checkpoint after a pre-set amount of time, preventing them from being able to go back up the mountain to score tricks.
    • The minimum jump time needed to start scoring is now higher, which no longer allows repetitive scoring via “mini-tricks” on flat areas.

    New Additions:
    • [PS4] [XB1] Addition of a controller page in the menu on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
    • Addition of a contextual tooltip about switch at low level
    • [PS4] Background music added to the Sony Live Area
    • Players now have the possibility to preview items while browsing in the Rider page
    • Progression page added to the menu
    • Players can now teleport to another player in their group directly from Mountain View by selecting him/her with the cursor
    • Ambiance can now be changed in Mountain View by using D-Pad Down
    • Special Holiday Item
    • Special Holiday Item #2

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed: Players get stuck on rocks when retrying a Challenge
    • Fixed: Customization of items resets to default when mixed between different types of items
    • Fixed: Invitational Challenges still marked as “New” even after completion
    • Fixed: Players still see other players next to them on the map even after they have moved on to other areas (“permanent players” issue)
    • Fixed: [XB1] Players who try to join/group with other players receive an error message
    • Fixed: Global Exploration will display 100% even if the user has not unlocked all Points of Interest
    • Fixed: A missing icon in the social notification when creating a coop session between two players
    • Fixed: Flickering icons and panels when the user moves RS on the menu after switching between Rider Tab or Profile and Progress Menu
    • Fixed: Starting the game at Break Point challenge with no music or sound effects
    • Fixed: The same button is shown for "Change ambiance" and "Change time of day" when opening Mountain View
    • Fixed: Ubisoft Club Actions – Overlapping text seen on the "You're Ready Now" pop-up; "Gold-plated Challenger" pop-up displayed 2 times; "Baby Steps" pop-up displayed 2 times; "Invited" pop-up displayed 2 times
    • Fixed: On PS4 Pro, on high FPS, the G-force bar decreases faster
    • Fixed: The color of the Black Imp Wingsuit Goggles in the preview doesn't match the color of the goggles on the left-hand side of the screen
    • Fixed: The color of the Super Hero Wingsuit Goggles in the preview doesn't match the color of the goggles on the left-hand side of the screen
    • Fixed: The Crash Test Dummy costume’s taunt will make the player fall after a big jump. The fix is that the ragdoll should only occur during player-triggered taunts and not automatic ones
    • Fixed: White fonts on category names are barely visible
    • Fixed: Black lines under sponsor logos in the customization menu
    • Fixed: The "Legendary Quests" icons are grayed out as if they were locked in Mountain View, even after already being unlocked by reaching the required level
    • Fixed: Ultranatural Challenge – Missing collision when the rider hits the edges of the last two ramps before the finish line
    • Fixed: Viewers see the character floating when spectating a player who opens Mountain View while riding
    • Fixed: Info Panel and Challenge Canceled message remain after the private challenge was canceled
    • Fixed: When starting a Mountain Story, the player loses the ability to change the Time of Day, even after having stopped the story.
    • Fixed: When buying the Unicorn costume, "Multicolor Mittens" appears twice in the shop
    • Fixed: Some Challenge icons overlap the Group Leaderboard
    • Fixed: The "wingsuit jump" sound is played twice when the player starts a wingsuit trail
    • Fixed: Group Leaderboards display players’ scores in a random order after several coop attempts
    • Fixed: Flares are not equipped after selecting them
    • Fixed: When looking at the mountain from a stopped position, the yellow arrow icon remains in the HUD even after the Mountain Story is completed
    • Fixed: If a player wins gold for the first time on a Challenge with two or more reward items, or if he finishes a Mountain Story, the player will only see the prompt for the first item unlocked (the highest medal reward)
    • Fixed: Two RedBull cans are laying around on the mountain and no one has any idea why they’re there!
    • Fixed: The Tartiflette recipe is written in broken English (Franglish?) and is actually incorrect… hopefully there weren’t too many failed attempts at making this delicious dish
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    Any chance you guys are gonna add map filter options in the near future?
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    Crash / Freeze

    I didn't read anything about a fix for the game crashes and freezes!
    When will this be fixed? Should be the number one priority in my opinion...
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    I didnt read anything about spawning on starting gates. I got the game on pc before the patch deploy today and I got that really often. You litterally spawn on the gate instead of "in" it
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    Question about abuse scoring !

    hello !!

    I was able to download without the patch note 1.02 and I'm glad that the game could continue evolved!
    And I am delighted that you had set up an abusive anti-scoring system that destroyed an important interest of the game!
    Has my suprise, the existing replays of these players are still present after the update! Do you intend to defeat them so that the game becomes competitive again in fair play?
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    Which are the "Special Holiday Items" and where can I find them?
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    Fixed: Invitational Challenges still marked as “New” even after completion NOT FIXED all my Challenges is still maked as new PC
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    Originally Posted by Beefheart-DK Go to original post
    Fixed: Invitational Challenges still marked as “New” even after completion
    NOT FIXED all my Challenges is still maked as new PC
    same here, + I was able to play once after patch this morning.
    Now it crash after loading.
    I also tried going back on nvidia drivers, still crash after loading

    EDIT: got it to work with nvidia 12/5-16 Drivers (376.19)
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    I read nothing about 3rd person camera improvement for ski? I hope it's just missing in the changelog but was fixed?
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