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    ACIII Journal Glitch

    This sucks! Installed the free ACIII from Ubisoft and off and on there are minor glitches. This one, however appears to be major. Achilles shows Connor the accounting book in the homestead and I opened it. Now I cannot get out of it. Using an XBox controller and nothing I can do will close the book. Using Ctrl/Alt/Del attempting to close the game only causes the monitor screen to go black and locks up the computer. This forces me to use the reboot button which gets me back into Windows. Starting the game again though puts me back in the accounting book and once again I can't close it or get out of it. No idea where to go from here short of deleting the game. Windows 10 Pro on a home built with a GTX 1070 video card.
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    I cannot remember as I played it a few years ago but if it's the part where you have to trade lumber... you must complete the trading before you can progress and you cannot use a controller, you must use the keyboard. (you might be at a different part but that's the only thing I can remember)
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    Thanks for the tip strigoi. Got into options, switched to keyboard/mouse and started pressing buttons. Managed to get enough right that I exited the book and the game is proceeding. Switched back to the XBox controller.
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