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    Bomb challange bug in AC:Revelations ( Ezio Collection patch 1.2)

    I was playing the AC:Revelations in Ezio Collection. I've already completed every bomb challenge tasks except two of them: Craft a bomb with every shell type 0/1 and Craft one bomb with each effect type 0/1. But that doesn't make any sense. Since I crafted every effect type of bombs to completed the task: Use every bomb effect at least twice 0/1, there's no way I can't completed the Craft one bomb with each effect type 0/1.

    Also, one of my friends told me that no matter how he craft bombs, he just can't get the trophy Craft Maniac. But I've gotten that one.

    Because of this, I can't get my 100% Synchronize. Are these the bug after patch 1.2 ?
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    I'm having the same issue on the Xbox one version. The two above challenges and the 'craft maniac' achievement will not complete.

    Research has shown that this is an old problem with the Xbox 360 version.

    Did you get a response? Very annoying. Will this be patched?
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    Hi Giseto and michael_70102! I've been researching this issue and it looks like some users were able to unlock the achievement by using the weapon wheel menu rather than the crafting table menu. Other potentially helpful tips and info about how these achievements are unlocked can be found in this thread.
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    Use the "crafting table menu" to create one bomb... then, use the "weapon wheel menu" to add another one of the same type (PS4 = press R1 and select the bomb, do not release R1, press X to add one more bomb, release R1).

    That's how I did it!
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