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    Only a maximum of 100 players online? @PS4

    Man I just bought this game today and I'm really disappointed when I saw a maximum of 100 players online playing trackmania turbo. I couldn't believe my eyes, the trackmania I used to play back on the pc atleast 7-8 years ago had almost a thousand players online at every moment of the day.

    Am I doing something wrong or is it really not a popular game?
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    This trackmania is a good game but ubisoft abandoned this game (no new features, no custom map ladder, no buxfix, ...). Me too, I'm desapointed
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    Hi guys,

    It also depends at what time you play. Most of PS4 players are living in Europe. And sometimes it's better to be on a server with not too many players to meet players.

    Have great holidays ^_^
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