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    Murder Mystery Question (new locations not popping up)

    Doing the Murder Mysteries and it seems like I am having trouble getting the new locations for investigating to pop up....For example I am doing " The Body Politic" and I have all the clues from the other locations except for the Black Office has it didn't unlock. I have the prima game guide for the game that shows who to correctly accuse but I still would like to correct all the clues and unlock all locations for each mystery
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    Have you found all the clues and notes and got all the statements... I think there is a lot... over 20, are you using eagle vision to help?
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    I think that there is a bug that sometimes the next location simply doesn't show up. Having said that, most of the time you may be able to guess, or find it by snooping around... I think that Black Ops is a better candidate for guessing than for snooping around (it's in a logical place, but I think it's a bit far from the previous clues... not quite 100% sure I'm not mistaking it with another mission that takes place in the same location).
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