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    Survival of the fittest achievement (ubi club) doesn unlcked after finishing the game

    So I completed the game (killed Ull and batari), completed all side missions 13/13 and build all village houses. I even saw developers special movie for giving me credit for completing the game on survival mode and extreme difficulty with permadeath active and still got nothing. What I need to do for unlocking achievement in ubi club? I can give any proof for completing it. And interesting fact is I got all other achievements for survivor mod except for completing on extreme difficulty, but I did it

    My psn profile is GloriousPanda
    My ubi club profIle is Angry4Panda
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    Hey there SergeantPanda61,

    I know this may sound like a redundant question, but are you sure that you fulfilled all of the requirements? "Finish the game in Survivor mode (Expert difficulty) and the Permadeath option activated" is really hard, especially since I'm pretty sure you can't have the option for "second chance" enabled.

    If you're sure that you've met the requirements, I recommend you reach out to our team at https://support.ubi.com. I don't know exactly what they will require for proof, but I'm sure our technical support team can further investigate this for you.
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    So did they unlock it for you? He's right, permadeath must be active
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    This is still a problem

    If anyone out there is still playing this game, know that this is still bugged.

    I finished the game on Expert Survival Permadeath and the Survival of the Fittest achievement failed to unlock. I went to Support, who agreed that I had earned the achievement, but were unable to help me after going back and forth for a week. They even suggested I restart my game, try again, and hope it unlocks the next time.

    It's absolutely crazy that this, of all achievements, is bugged. The description of the achievement includes, "Forget it... No-one will ever achieve it." I guess that's true.
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    Is this still a problem? Does the Survival of the Fittest achievement unlock? I'm doing permadeath in expert difficulty mode and reading this thread makes me worried. I'm about 23% completed. I like to upgrade everything first before going into main story missions so it's going to be time consuming. It would be horrible if I completed everything but didn't get the achievement. Does anyone know if this is still a problem?
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    Survival of the Fittest Achievement working

    Ok, I finished the game in Permadeath and Expert difficulty mode. The last 4 achievements automatically unlocked: Top of the Food Chain (Permadeath), Top of the Food Chain (2nd Chance), Survival of the Fittest, and Top of the Food Chain. Thank god they all unlocked because I thought I'd have to play it again in 2nd Chance mode to get the Top of the Food Chain (2nd Chance) achievement. Thankfully, they thought it through and automatically gave all the achievements. After all, it would be redundant to play the game in Permadeath mode, finish it, then have to replay it in 2nd Chance mode to get that particular achievement. So the achievements are working.

    For Permadeath & Expert mode, one of the most important weapons I used was the Berzerk bombs. Since you only get 1 life in this mode, it's best to avoid the fights and let them fight each other (the owl cannot kill for you in this mode). The Berzerk bombs worked great even in the Boss fights. In the final fight against Batari, I used the Berzerk bombs and the enemies turned against her and helped weaken her. So when playing in this mode, always make sure you stock up on Berzerk bombs before entering a battle. When there are just a few enemies remaining, you can finish them off with a tamed beast or throw bee hives at them.

    Far Cry Primal is a little bit different than the rest of the Far Cry series but it was enjoyable to play. If a sequel came out, I would definitely play it.

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    Thank you for sharing Outlier2004! I am glad it worked for you
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