In a word: Awesome!

For someone that has been playing Ultimate Werewolf sessions for the past 2 years... 1,2 or even 3 times per month with groups of 8 to 20 people, seeing this hit the market took me by surprise. I was very cautious about purchasing such a unique type of game (assuming it must not really work).

But, by the time I finished my first game (they let me play several sessions with the group for about an hour without my mic as I had the 8th person mic bug), I knew this was game was gold. The things that make in-person werewolf games fun (not an easy task mind you, as it is very easy to set up the wrong combination of characters, make mistakes in running a game, or handling timing events) were all taken care of in this version.

My personal favorite aspect of the game is having 3rd party wins possible (not just villager or werewolf), and this game has that too. When you consider the trophies, you have a recipe for long-term replay ability.

Even with the bugs (addressed in the up coming patch) , I am sooo happy this game got released. I have put over 30 hrs into this game in my first week, and I know several people playing it have done the same.

I could see a future in this game, where 1) More players can play, 2) more characters are introduced, 3) allowing custom rooms with specific character set-ups.
But even without any of these changes, I will still be playing it.

Thank you!