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    Thanks for the confirmation, I will go test the new patch now!!!
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    Originally Posted by UbiSkyBear Go to original post
    Thank you all for your patience as we looked further into this. Your input was extremely helpful to the team. We recently addressed the automatic gain control issue in the latest patch. Thank you again for your help!
    I finally figured out how to fix it:
    1. Leave your headset in an inactive stage (on the side of your bed or something like that)
    2.go in to your sound control panel
    3. click recording.view your microphone in the settings.
    4.you will notice that your microphone has greatly improved and can actually hear you when it's down, not moving next to you(creepy right)
    5.now while NOT picking up the heandset, click properties on the "Rift Audio" Mic
    6.then click in the advanced tab and untick "Allow application to exchange control of this device"
    7. then in the custom TAB click AGC
    6.Now go into your devices on your Oculus, go to headset and change your microphone to Use Windows default.

    now you should be able to use the creepy amplified volume as your normal volume which is way it should be lol.

    Note: you may need to play around with the order 6 to 8
    you will know when you've got it right when you're looking at your recording settings through the Oculus desktop view and it's much higher

    really hope this helps guys it took me about a year on and off to figured this out .
    If you have trouble understanding what to do just let me know ,Thanks
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    Hey ChrisHotBoss, thank you for sharing your workaround and other tips in the thread!

    As one additional tip, I'd recommend ensuring that, in your default audio settings, the correct audio device(s) are set as the defaults for use with your system and the game.

    If anyone is still experiencing issues with their in-game mic input, or other sound issues, please let us know so that we can investigate further with you.
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