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    Okay I just wanted to you let you all know that despite setting the HDCP off.. I am STILL completely locking up multiple times.

    I would really like to know when Ubi is going to patch this. It is really obnoxious and cannot be good for my PS4.
    I think the problem with Ubi suggesting the HDCP fix is that 'that' particular fix should lessen the amount of times us Pro users lose audio and video briefly. (Another thing that Sony themselves need to fix) However the problem Pro users are having is a hard lock on the machine, not just a simple drop out, which again is annoying and can make you seem VERY suspicious when it all blacks out and you don't hear anything for 5-10 seconds.

    Hopefully this patch they say is coming on the 26th will fix the locks, but really Sony need to fix the audio/video drop out too that happens too often for my liking. I shouldn't have to disable HDCP every time I want to play a game and then enable every time I want to watch Netflix or use something like Vidzone.
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    Originally Posted by TheFatherMind Go to original post
    Where is that update you promised us???? "As Soon AS Possible" I would assume means you would tell us just before or as you released the patch. Still waiting for you to inform us you think you fixed it.. I would like to remind you that your games would be NOTHING with its loyal followers. I am getting frustrated with your company. Your inability to communicate, and releasing broken games. The trick you pulled on me with Watchdogs 2 really set me off. I want my money back for that game.
    Hi Thefathermind, We have been working quite vigilantly to have the Pro bug fixed as quickly as possible. We released information here on our forums on 1.13.17 letting the community know exactly when they can expect it to be deployed. In case you didn't read the thread, you can find that here: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...h-Release-Soon
    You can also watch for updates on our Twitter account @UbisoftVR, in our weekly Twitch stream, the Werewolves Within Discord group, Werewolves Within PS4 Community located directly on the console, as well as information being shared on the many different subreddits that we frequent to support the community. If there's a channel that we missed that you frequent, let us know and we'll add that to the extensive list we communicate to.
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    This issue is STILL NOT resolved. I see many people dropping off from it nightly.

    UbiCeeCee.. I think you TOTALLY missed the point of what I was saying.
    And that fact that you just had to link me to and tell me about information streams to find out what is happening after I have reported a problem to you only furthers my point. By now.. should I not ALREADY know about those information streams as Ubi and I have been in communication over a number of issues?

    Please look into that. (: Try to understand what I am telling you.
    Most importantly.. in this day and age.. I should not have to go to you for information. You seem to have no trouble sending me advertisements.. Why can you not also tell me when you have resolved an issue that is deeply troubling me? If you did.. I would think of you as customer focused.. someone who cares...

    "We posted a sign at city hall for you... You did not go look at it?? Too bad."

    ~ Merlin
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    TheFatherMind, I gave you the list of options where you can find the latest information. We do not have the resources to send out personal messages about general game updates..

    Hope you're enjoying the patch that we rolled out ahead of schedule as we detailed in the thread I previously linked.
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    Well that was my point UbiCeeCee... YOU DO NOT HAVE RESOURCES..
    If I message you and tell you I am having a problem.. You should have a trouble ticket system that will update me as the problem resolved. You close the ticket before the issue is resolved and basically just blow me off. No one even bothered to LINK me to one of your shared resources that talk about the problem. I needed you to show me them HERE. You, Ubi, should be bothered by that. AS it bothers us the users. As a gaming company your user community is your bread and butter. It is bad enough you are pre-releasing games at full price and pretending like they are finished games. You should be in full contact with your community and make them feel like they are a part of your process and connected to you.

    And you post the results to this here http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...h-Release-Soon
    But there is NO WAY for me to subscribe to the thread and get eMail updates when you post an update. Do you guys seriously expect us to hang on to your every word and go and check the page daily????

    I am a very technical and helpful person. I started out wanting to help you solve your issues and give you help. But quickly that feeling moved to.. "why bother.. they are not listening and will just blow me off.". Is that REALLY the message you want to send?

    And yes.. I had no lockups when I played on the PS4 last night. Was very happy with that. This is my most favorite game EVER.. Although the audio bug is making me crazy.. even worse the fact that you are not even acknowledging that this audio issue is a bug is annoying me.
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