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    Known Issues

    Hello Townsfolk,

    We'd like to take a moment and thank you for your feedback so far. Our development team has completed the engineering work for a patch to address most of the bugs that have impacted your experience with the game.

    The bugs addressed include:

    1. Sometimes an eighth player cannot join the match.
      - This is an unreported bug that we have detected and cleared up.
    2. Any number of spectators will quick match into a 7 player game.
      - This was the bug where spectators were not guaranteed a slot in the next round.
    3. Mic may not work on joining a match.
      - This was the problem where you had to exit the match and re-enter.
    4. Game unplayable after rebooting the headset while receiving an invite.
      - This was an unreported bug.
    5. Fixed an issue where the game would not end correctly due to a combination of roles.
    6. Fixed an issue causing the book to disappear.
    7. Fixed the “looping scenes” matchmaking bug.
    8. Fixed a bug where kicked players were not removed in a timely manner.
    9. Fixed bug with main menu buttons/selections not responding. If you are experiencing this on a PC, please make sure that the game is selected before you put the headset back on. This is as easy as clicking on the main game window on your screen. If the game is not selected, it will not recognize button input.
    10. At the moment, we are still investigating crashes and black screens reported with the PS4 Pro. A current workaround for this would be to disable the HDCP on your PS4 under "Settings". You'll need to re-enable this to use video streaming apps such as Netflix.

    With engineering work completed on the patch, it now must undergo extensive quality assurance checks and then compliance and submissions processes with Ubisoft, Sony, Oculus and Steam. These will take well over a week and we are pushing to get it in your hands as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we are keeping an eye on lobby states and addressing any issues as quickly as we can. Thanks for your patience as we smooth out the gaming experience, and special thanks to everyone who has communicated issues, taken video captures and submitted tickets to help us out.

    *UPDATE: The Werewolves Within 1.1 Patch will go live today (Dec. 22) around noon EST. The patch notes can be found here.

    UPDATE [1/13/17]: *With a great deal of assistance from our partners at Sony, we have prepared and are releasing a patch for crashes on PS4 Pro consoles! We are getting this released as quickly as it is possible to push it through testing and compliance processes and it is targeted for release approximately January 26th (it may be different by a day or two, sooner if we can manage it).
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    We released the latest patch today, July 19th at 10am EST. Included in this patch is the following:

    Persistent Mute Added - When you have chosen to mute someone this player will remain muted until you decide to remove it. Example: I mute player x and they leave the room. In the future I see them in another room, they are still going to be muted until I take it off.

    Extend room ban when a player is kicked – This will prevent a player who has been kicked from being able to re-enter the room. Previously, if a player restarted the game the kick log would be reset and they would be able to re-enter. This is now not the case.

    Match Roles can reveal Townsfolk Roles that are not in play – The book will now put the roles in random order as to not reveal roles that are not in play.
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