I'd really like to see these two titles in a bundle like Ubisoft did with Ezio. I'd also like to see Shay and Conner lock up. Ubisoft really needs to button that story up. We're led to believe Shay is bringing this box back to America we're Conner is or will be killing templars. There's a story there, and Ubisoft is leaving money on the table. We can't rely on PS Now. They've pulled the ac titles. Please remaster AC 3 for PS4. Honesty Ubisoft has pooped the bed with AC after Black flag. I have replayed unity or syndicate once. I played through the others more times I can count. Maybe don't use Egypt as a background and Japan has been done to death, so it's Ubisofts turn? How about the American old west. Once you put out a title with multiple locations, you go to sticking with one city. Please don't put out a new title set in Egypt. A mid 1800's Japan would be cool, anything else Japan would suck. AC3, AC Rouge remaster bundle please