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    The Central Park Raid

    Now i dont know if Central Park takes place in The Last stand.
    But if not this would be a nice Raid
    I am not familiar with Central Park i just looked on Google Maps.
    On Google Maps it looks like the park has 5 parts and 6 if you start in/on a hotel.

    Part 1: ''Thank You,Come Again'' (JW Marriott Essex House New York)
    3 Helicopters are almost at Central park,2 with The JTF and 1 with you and your team.
    The first 2 try to land but 1 gets shot from the hotel and crashes into the other helicopter and both explode.
    Your pilot says you need to clear the hotel of The Rioters,or they cant/wont send other back up's
    So you and your team drop down from the helicopter to the roof of the hotel(SWAT Style).
    When you are in the building you need to fight your way down to the lobby and leave the hotel.

    Part 2: ''This Party Is Lit'' (Heckscher Playground)
    When your group is outside of the hotel you see Cleaners.
    They are burning piles of body's in the park and the tree's start burning too.
    After you killed them 5 garbage trucks show up.
    The backs of the trucks go open and in each truck are 2 Incinerators.
    Now you have too fight 10 Incinerators while the park is on fire.
    When they are dead it begins to rain very hard and the fire goes out.

    Part 3: ''The Snowdown'' (Sheep meadow till 79th St Transverse)
    The LMB have the orders too clear the park, establish it and HQ.
    They see you and your team, and try too kill you because you killed General bliss.
    While the park behind you is still smoking from the fire earlier (War fog maybe).
    You have to go to war with just the 4 of you (maybe some help of the JTF) against an army of LMB.

    Part 4: ''The 4 Horsemen'' (The Great Lawn Softball Fields)
    After the war with The LMB you ask HUB to send a Ammo supply drop.
    They respond and send a helicopter to the softball fields.
    After you collected the supllies you see 4 Division agents walking towards you.
    They act friendly but you get a message of ISAC that they are wanted Rogue agents.
    The Rogue agents hear it too and flashbang you.
    The fight begins.

    The 4 Horsemen are 4 Rogue NPC Agents with each a different Gearset.
    They can be wearing one of all 13 gearset's.
    Every encounter is different.

    First time: 1 wears DeadEYE, 1 Sentry's Call, 1 Reclaimer and 1 has Final Measure.
    Second time: 1 wears Striker's, 1 Banshee, 1 Hunter's Faith and 1 has Alphabridge.
    Third time: 2 wear Predator's Mark,and the other 2 wear Tactician's.
    Fourth time: They all have the FireCrest gearset.

    The Loot drops depends on what type of gearset they wear.
    2 NPC's drop 2 gearsets, the other 2 drop 1 gear set (a total of 6 items).
    Or only 1 NPC drops loot and it will be a full gearset (6 pieces).

    The Rogue Agents can use the same Skills,Grenades and Explosive bullet's as the players.
    They can even use Signature Links, different link per gearset.
    If this makes it to hard,maybe they can use it only once per battle.
    They cant use first aid heals only support station.
    And if the last NPC standing has a Recovery Link,he can heal the other 3 NPC's with full health but no armor.

    Part 5: ''Holy Water'' (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir)
    When you approach the Reservoir you see bored Rikers blasting holes in the ice with grenades.

    Rules/tips for the fight
    You need to make 2 teams of 2, or every agent alone.
    Maybe a ''Ice Breaking Meter'' 25% each person. (or as a tip in the loading screen)
    4 agents (100%) The ice will break and all drown.
    If 2 agents breaks the ice because 2 NPC shotgunners came too close to them,1 other agent can save them(75%).
    (Like when a agent goes down or dies you can pick him up).
    All the enemy's that drown wont drop loot. (For the players that wants to exploit it for fast loot)
    Final Measure is recommended in this fight.

    Grenades,Skills and Consumables
    It can work for or against you

    Grenades: Will create holes in the ice,except Teargas,Flashbang and EMP.
    You can drown enemy's if they are standing in the grenade radius when it explodes.
    But they can do the same to you and your team members.

    Mobile Covers: Extension, One of the best skills because it will be an open area with no cover.
    Blast Shield, When it explodes it wil break the ice

    Turrets: Flame Turret, will melt in the ice, except if you put it on a mobile cover maybe.
    Shock Turret, will shock more enemy's,but also the agent(s) if the enemy is too close.

    Seeker mines: Same as Grenades except the Gas Mines.

    Sticky Bombs: Same as Grenades except the Flashbang

    Incendiary/Explosive bullets: Not handy if enemy's are close to you or your team members

    Part 6: ''The Last Meal'' (North Meadow till North Woods)
    Something with the new faction The Hunters.
    Maybe you witness some Hunters killing a Division agent.
    When they see you they begin to Laugh, while one of them collect the watch of the killed Division agent.
    And then the fight begins.

    This Raid can be completed once a week, when the vendors are refreshed.
    And if you complete the raid you get 500 or 1000 Phoenix Credits.

    Thats it
    Let me know what you think.
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    Stop coming up with ideas for The Division 2 (is what my friend always tells me when I speculate wildly like this)

    I've heard Last Stand is going to be some mindless horde mode and I'm sure myself and many other are not looking forward to the disappointment its going to be.

    I love your idea, but I know something that intricate is never going to happen with this game and I've accepted that fact, so much wasted potential but who knows maybe Ubisoft won't look past the record breaking sales to see how hard this game died off for a while and allow a sequel that will be the game we were promised from the beginning.
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    It is just an idea for a long mission maybe an hour and if your team is good 30min.
    I didnt know there was a divison 2 or year 2 in the making.

    Yeah i heard that too, some cannibal people in the sewers going crazy because there is no food anymore or something like that.
    If i wanna play something like that ill just play Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.
    Same things, 4 people, burning streets and infected hunting you down.
    We just have too wait for it, maybe it's not so bad as we think,but i dont like it either.

    Thanks, maybe if more people comment too this thread saying that they want this raid too get real Ubisoft will create it.
    Probably not but just maybe they will.
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    This sound's really good!!!
    Maybe we can still get this in Div 2.

    The first one sound's a bit like The Summit, but then reversed.
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