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    Open World Events

    Hey Ubisoft
    This is an idea to make the open world nice again.
    I dont know howmany times a day this should take place like every hour or 2 hours.
    Or some events the whole day until you have done it.
    But here it is

    1. Faction Wars
    Two factions are going apesh#t at eachother.
    Riots vs Cleaners, Cleaners vs Rikers, Rikers vs LMB and Cleaners vs LMB.
    And if its Riots vs Rikers or LMB than the Riots should only have the good ones.
    With good i mean those chicks that run sideways while shooting, the lmg guys.
    And maybe the grenate guys but with fire or normal bombs no pepersprays lol.

    This can happen in every district and both factions has 5 waves.

    2. Factions Collaborate
    Same thing as above with less enemy's but 10 waves, they all shoot at you and work as a team.

    3. Safehouse Assaults
    Safehouse gets attacked by hostiles, different factions and district every time.
    Example It can be LMB infront of the Base of Operations not only Riots every time.
    You cannot fast trafel to the safe house that gets attacked.
    If you and your team die you respawn in that safehouse and cannot fast trafel at all.

    4. Rogue Agents
    ISAC tells you there are rogue agents in a random district.
    The locations can be everywhere like:
    infront of a store,on a roof where you had a triangle mission,in a house or in the sewers.
    Let them look like random players like:
    that Asher guy he was underground somewhere south of the map.
    That was fun btw
    But give them all different skills like:
    Airburst seekermines,imunizer support station,Bfb/Scrambler not flashbang, Shield with SMG. Etc

    This happens 1x per day and every first encounter of the week they drop an exotic cache.

    5. Hunter(s)
    It doesnt matter where you walk or howmuch ammo and/or medkits you have.
    When ISAC tries to warn you with his famous sentence you get scrambled after he says warning.
    And the Hunter comes out to kill you.
    If you are alone, he is alone.
    If you are in a group, he is in a group.
    1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4
    If it's possible let them also get a chance to interrupt a mission.
    Example: when you killed all hostiles on the roof of the lexington mission.
    And you are waiting for the elevator but the hunter(s) scrambles everything from the otherside.
    Now you have to kill him/them before you can enter the elevator.

    This happens 1x per day but every first encounter of the week they drop an exotic cache.

    6. Side Mission Man/Woman
    (I dont know if you can call it an event but still.)
    Make them usefull again like the target intell district map.
    Let them give you Time Limit Missions.
    Kill 20 cleaners in Tenderloin without doing the Napalm mission in 5min.
    Complete Napalm mission in 10min or kill Joe Ferro in 10min.
    (Maybe 15 or 20min if it's impossible in 10)

    For the loot drops i dont know the chances for a drop
    Hostiles regular chances.
    Bosses always drop loot.
    Rogue Agents always drop loot.
    Hunter(s) only 1 drops loot.
    Event complete is a howmuch question.

    Some of the ideas are allready asked for but i just wanted to give them all.
    Thats it, let me hear what you think.
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    RushLoongHammer's Avatar Senior Member
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    Awesome suggestions.

    I hope the openworld gets some good love one day.
    Such a great world and very few to look at it in all its detail.
    My addition to your list would be to have more, and better environmental story telling and unmarked missions.

    Environmental Story Telling
    You observe the environment and tells a story. i.e. Dead guys, truck crashed into a building, bloody foot prints walking away from the truck, ect. That, but better than I explained it.
    Environmental story telling exists in the Division, no doubt, but they never lead to anything, or tell an interesting or anything beyond the placed objects.
    Things like notes, photos, emails, ect would be a good addition to help develop the story.

    Unmarked Quests
    An extension of environmental story telling. Quests that aren't obvious until you observe closely.
    It could be a number of subtle hints in a scene or an encrypted note saying, ''go rescue a hostage", "Pick up the bag hidden in the dumpster", or it could be a massive conspiracy that reveals more lore.Not sure if these exist in the Division,. I haven't seen one and I've been looking for a long time.

    Fallout 3 and New Vegas does these things well.
    I'm a guy who likes to run around the streets and look at stuff all the time.
    "Where do these bloody footprints lead?", "Let me sit behind this wall and listen to the NPC's conversation". Adding this will be a small step into the immersion of being an agent, and maybe a way to reward curious and observant players.
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    1. They put this sort of in Div 2.
    I see cleaners vs rikers at control points sometimes.

    2. Became resistance in Div 1.
    Only they should've made all the other factions white, as if LMB gave them some clothes.

    3. They put it in Div 2 but people complained about it.
    If they made it more rewarding and maybe once a month, it wouldn't be a problem running to the settlements.

    4. They put this in Div 2 (Nice btw).

    5. They sort of put this in Div 2 but with Rogue agents
    Hunters would've been better tho.
    Or a chance to get Rogues or Hunters.
    Anyway nice suggestion!!

    6. I guess those are projects in Div 2.

    Good for you my man👌
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