So i have been noticing some bugs in the game. First the game is not saving the player configuration, Now i dont know if its supposed to be but would be nice if it did so i didnt have to redo it every time i sign on. Second the physics in the game are bugged. when i ride off of bumps or ledges or jumps without engaging jump it pulls me straight into the ground. i loose speed gives rider damage and has pulled me out of direction i was going. It has even happened occasionally while engaging jump. Third audio settings are not saving. Fourth occasionally spawning in rocks and such. Fifth when trying to launch off of roofs and decks and such it acts as if i just kinda hit a wall and comes to a dead stop. And as a idea for in game being able to disable the hud so people can take screenshots with out the clutter of all the events and mountain labels and maybe being able to filter out which events you have completed and what medal you got on them in the map view.

Thank you for your time.