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    Better Rayman 3

    The patch described in this forum post contains no Ubisoft copyrighted binary code or Ubisoft copyrighted source code. Any code contained within the downloads available in this post has been written by the author (RibShark), or has been released under a license that allows for distribution of the code in a binary format.

    What is Better Rayman 3?
    Better Rayman 3 is a collection of fixes that allow Rayman 3 to be easily played in widescreen resolutions, while also offering additional features, such as windowed mode and restoring the ability to skip video cutscenes.

    Currently, the fixes and features include:
    • Widescreen compatibility built in: previously, an INI file would have to be edited to change to a widescreen resolution. This would cause menus and other 2D elements to become broken, and FMV cutscenes to not show any video. With Better Rayman 3, widescreen resolutions can be chosen while configuring the game, and menus/FMV cutscenes work perfectly.
    • Ability to skip cutscenes: UbiSoft decided to remove the ability to skip FMV cutscenes from the PC port of the game. Better Rayman 3 restores this ability.
    • Extra options in the configuration: the original configuration program that comes with Rayman 3 is missing a number of options that the game allows. I have created a new configuration program that allows more settings to be tweaked, including Windowed Mode, FMV Cutscene Quality, and Trilinear filtering.
    • Missing textures fix: The new configuration program also allows disabling of the "Transform and Lighting" setting, which can cause missing textures on Intel graphics, and can also have numerous graphical issues with some NVIDIA cards.
    • More stable framerate: Due to the game attempting to convert PAL to NTSC (which is unnecessary on PC), it may play 1.2× as fast as it is meant to. Additionally, the game may often drop the framerate unnecessarily. With Better Rayman 3, neither of these bugs happen meaning gameplay feels much smoother.
    • Proper gamepad detection: Rayman 3 would often not detect when gamepads are connected. Better Rayman 3 fixes this.

    Better Rayman 3 Installer

    Installation Instructions
    1. If Rayman 3 is not yet installed, install it.
    2. Download and install Better Rayman 3.
    3. Configure the game as you would normally.

    • 2017-04-01: Added a user customisable dead zone.
    • 2017-03-25: Fixed an issue with certain gamepads that caused Rayman to move slower when moving diagonally.
    • 2017-03-24: The game will now always recognise when a gamepad is attached. In addition, I have refactored the code to make it easier to develop future fixes. Patches are also now applied with d3d8.dll.
    • 2016-12-03: I have updated the patching method that I have used. All patches are now applied via Microsoft's compatibility settings, meaning that certain files are now no longer required. In addition, the patch is now uninstallable.
    • 2016-11-15: There is no longer a dependency on the Visual Studio 2015 redistributables. Additionally, .NET Framework 4.0 should automatically be installed if needed from now on. This should fix various issues people were having with missing DLL files.
    • 2016-11-03: The patch now fixes various issues with the framerate of the game. The framerate will no longer attempt to reach 72fps, even on 60fps monitors, and the framerate should additionally have less drastic drops.
    • 2016-10-09: The patch now also fixes cutscenes in resolutions wider than 16:10. All cutscenes can now also be skipped by pressing Esc or Space.
    • 2016-09-29: The patch now has an installer, a new configuration program designed to replace that of the original game, and therefore does not require any files to be edited by hand. Additionally, the patch now has the name "Better Rayman 3".
    • 2016-07-25: Updated patcher to modify the assembly rather than the value in memory. This allows a more accurate value to be used and also fixes some bugs, such as objects popping-in around the edges. This does require either the No-CD or GOG version to be used.
    • 2016-02-24: Added auto-patcher that works on all screen resolutions.
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    will you ever fix the cutscene issue?
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