Here is the list of changes to be implemented with the December 1st maintenance.

  • Fixed a bug where Larae Barret would remain stuck on the balcony in Lexington Event Center.
  • Fixed a bug where the Barret Named high-end armor talent would not work after a phase transition or character death. Note that the UI will not take the bonus into account as this will require a client patch.
  • Fixed a bug where Colonel Blisss Holster would not drop in General Assembly mission.
  • All existing High-End items below level 30 will be automatically rerolled to level 30. In the future, in the event that players would be able to acquire High-End items when they are below level 30, the item will be level 30. Equipped High-End items on character below level 30 will be automatically unequipped during the maintenance and replaced with basic started gear.
  • Fixed a bug where some players would be stuck on a black screen after watching the exit cutscene in Brooklyn.
  • Sticky Bomb PvP damage modifier has been reduced to limit the skills potency when used against other players. While Sticky Bomb one shots should still be possible, they should only be achievable by highly specialized characters and in specific situations.