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    Hall of Heroes' Guide to Dominion

    Hello, and Welcome to the Hall of Heroes guide to Dominion.

    This guide was written primarily by Yote224 and MathiasCB, with modest contributions from Coma987, AvarusTyrannus, and MisterWillow

    Guide to Dominion

    What is Dominion?

    Dominion is a game mode that consists of 2 teams of 4 players fighting to control 3 separate control zones on a battlefield to achieve 1000 points to break the enemy team and finally dispatch all 4 players on the enemy team to finish out the match.
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    Understanding your battlefield

    Each map in Dominion has a few essential similarities in terrain.

    These are your spawn area, enemy spawn area, two Control Zones, and the Front. The spawn areas are where members of the respective teams will spawn and respawn in the event theyíre killed. These spawn areas are also where each teamís minions will come from as they charge to the Front.

    There are some similarities and differences between the Control Zones and the Front but these areas are important for earning team points that lead to winning the match. All three of these areas are worth 100 Soft points, which means that taking control of one not only will net your team 100 points but will take 100 points away from your enemy team if they were in control of the zone. These points, in turn, can be stolen back by your enemy if they gain control of the area.

    A look at the Scoreboard

    Your Scoreboard is a useful tool to get some information on the current match. The information displayed from left to right will show

    1.Character Portrait

    This lets you see the team composition of both yours and the enemy team.

    2.Faction Emblem and Uplay Name
    The faction emblem isnít all too important as a gameplay feature as of right now but the Uplay name can come in handy. If you want to add players you had good synergy with or had a fun time playing with. This will also help identify players on a Killstreak, which Iíll get into later.

    This score category is representative of the Renown earned in the match. Renown DOES NOT equal team points. It is an individualís score that increases by performing activities throughout the match. Some of these activities will give both Team Points and renown, for example capturing a Control Zone will give 100 Soft Points as well as renown thatís dependent on which class youíre playing as while some activities do not net your team points. For example Reviving a fallen comrade will earn you renown but not team points. You canít win a game on ďthank youís!Ē.

    This is the number of how many Control Zones a player has taken control of for their team.

    5 & 6. Takedowns and Deaths
    Shows amount of kills that you have secured and how many times you have died.

    Control Zones

    While these areas might seem to be all the same it should be noted there are some rather interesting differences between them.

    Control Zones can be captured simply by standing within the zoneís boundaries. A meter on the right-hand side of your screen will quickly fill to indicate youíve taken control of a neutral zone or taken away enemy control of a captured zone and made it neutral. Each control zone is worth 100 soft points and earns you 1 hard point per second. If a member of the opposite team enters the boundaries of a zone that belongs to the other team this will Contest the zone immediately.

    Boosting a Zone

    Boosting a zone is as easy as standing in an uncontested zone your team has captured, and has a number of important benefits. First, they heal you if you're injured, which can give you an advantage if you can defend a zone by keeping an enemy outside its perimeter while staying inside of it yourself. Second, you gain your team an additional 1 Hardpoint per second. Finally, you gain personal renown while boosting an objective (extra for Tanks), which can help you rapidly unlock feats. These effects create a great synergy for team players to exploit, especially if one player boosts while another keeps enemies outside a zone, keeping it from being contested.

    Contesting a Zone

    A Contested zone still gives you the 100 soft points but will not generate your 1 hard point per second. To stop a zone from being contested you can either remove the enemy from the zoneís boundaries or kill the enemy. Both options usually come with some wear and tear on the defender, but it should obviously be a priority to remove enemies from a contested zone a quickly as possible.

    Your team should also make an effort to contest zones captured by your opposition. You might not be able to capture the zone, but contesting it will prevent the enemy from gaining hard points, heading elsewhere without losing control of the objective, and healing. Thatís big gains for your team, donít let your opponents hold objectives without putting in any effort.

    The Front

    The Front consists of allied and enemy minions battling over control of a specific area usually in the middle of the battlefield. To take control of this zone you must rid the area of all enemy minions. The Front, like Control Zones, gives your team 100 soft points for controlling it and 1 Hardpoint per .75 seconds. The Front cannot be contested, it can only belong to you, belong to the enemy, or be neutral. This means that an enemy can come to the Front and start clearing your minions in an effort to turn the zone neutral, but you can shut them down and retain control of the Front as well as your stream of hardpoints during the entire confrontation both by clearing their minions equally or, obviously, killing the enemy.

    The downside to the Front is that even if youíve managed to hold your ground and defend the Front you wonít receive a passive heal from occupying the area. Not only will you not get healed for sticking around, you also are unable to Boost the Front. This is likely because as you clear minions from the Front youíll earn your team 1 Hard Point per minion you slay. It might be a good idea to relocate to a Control Zone to get a passive heal after defending the Front and then return to clear more minions and earn more points. Just be sure not to stay away too long because the Front will eventually reset to neutral as the minions will continue to kill each other.

    A look at Killstreaks

    While Dominion is an Objective based game it can be tempting to jump into the fray under many circumstances because combat is fun. The difference between Dominion and Duels is that more often than not you wonít find yourself in a ďfairĒ fight. All is fair in love and war, after all. You might hear people say they donít care about their KDR but Iíd like to shed some light on why it matters.

    Player kills will net your team +5 Hard Points. Rain, snow, sleet, shine, outnumbered, ganking, spawn camping, thrown onto spikes or off a ledge, picked off with an arrow, throwing axe, or kunai, kicked or punched off a ladder, a kill is a kill and earns your team +5 Hard Points.

    ďHow do deaths play into that mattering?Ē

    Good question! While Assassins earn more RENOWN for killstreaks ALL CHARACTERS earn bonus HARD POINTS for kill streaks. Starting off with a 3 man Killstreak you and the other players will be notified that <Playername> is Heroic! +3 Hardpoints for a kill/Bloodthirsty!+5 Hardpoints/ Unstoppable! +7 Hardpoints/Legendary!+9 Hardpoints/ Godlike! +10 Hardpoints.

    That means that at a Godlike killstreak with each player kill you secure is worth 3x as many hardpoints(+15 as opposed to +5) than the first kill of that playerís life.

    A PLAYER that is aware of this will be sure to take on engagements with as much advantage as they can. Picking off opponents that arenít at full health, outnumbering their opponents, fighting beside friendly minions, making sure your feats are off their Cooldown and available to use, swooping down from a ledge on a lone opponent, etc. Anything that gives that player an advantage to keep farming points for their team.

    A TEAM/TEAMMATE that is aware of this will feed the player on the Killstreak more kills to increase the killstreak bonus or capitalize on the extra points of a player in Heroic or higher. Theyíll set them up for finishing enemies by guardbreaking them or throwing them into walls, zoning enemies off a friendly Killstreaker who is trying to disengage and heal up at a control zone, utilizing feats to heal or otherwise aid the friendly Killstreaker. At times a Teammate might even sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the team.

    An OPPONENT that is aware of this will put you up on their priority list and do their damnedest to check you off. They might throw every feat they have available to you just to shut you down, they might pair up or group entirely together to claim your life, they might enter an unfair fight and focus trading their life for yours, they might set traps around corners or hang out by ledges/spikes/fire to give them any advantage they can get on you. They might spread thin and contest zones so you have nowhere to heal and slowly pick you apart. So if you have a streak going for you, just know it comes with a lovely bullseye on your back to accompany it.

    Knowing your role

    Since each class gains renown best under certain conditions you will find that depending on what hero you play your personal strategy will change. Additionally, a good spread of class types is ideal for a game of dominion so your team can maximize efficiency.

    Letís examine how each class is best utilized in a game of Dominion.


    With their adaptability, tailor made feats, sweeping zone attacks, and Renown boosts when outnumbered the Vanguard class is perfect for fighting on the Front.

    A common Vanguard feat allows you to heal with each minion kill, so unlike other classes that can take the front while getting cut up and have to retreat to heal, the Vanguard can stay and defend the point. Keep killing minions to keep your health up and gain extra points, when opponents come for you fight them within your mob of minions.

    Let your cluster of dedicated troops chip away at your opponent and soak up hits aimed at you. In this way, you can make an offside fight almost fair which will pay dividends for your team. Two opponents fighting you in the front are two fewer at the other points leaving your team with an advantage, and unlike fighting on a control point, there is no contested status for the front ensuring that your point gain keeps chugging away.

    The Warden, Vanguard for the Knight Faction


    The Assassin class is rewarded with the most renown by winning 1v1 fights, especially in contested zones. Take this as an invitation to harass the enemy team and keep them from comfortably collecting points. Donít hang around and try to backstab an opponent busy fighting one of your allies. Itís a waste of your time and, while you net a kill, your Renown gain, and feat progress will be limited. Instead check to see what points the enemy has, is there one of them sitting on C just sinking points on the scoreboard uncontested? Go there and harass them, contest the point and ideally get the kill and capture it for your team. If your opponent gets help then consider trying to hold them off until help arrives, the points they gain for killing you 2v1 will be nothing compared to the loss of 1 point for every second you kept them busy on the objective.

    Assassin feats are based around weakening your enemies and strengthening yourself.

    The Orochi, Assassin for the Samurai Faction


    Heavies are a force to be respected with a large Health meter and strong defensive capabilities they resemble a rear guard. This is reflected in how they gain renown for boosting and defending zones as well as assisting allies in combat. Should they choose to boost a Zone and prevent the enemy from taking it, they not only increase the teamís hardpoint gain but rapidly unlock feats.

    Heavies excel at staving off enemies and preventing them from capturing your points. When alone at a zone, their job is to delay for as long as possible, and wait for their teammates to arrive and help them clean up, and when coming to help an ally, their job is to make sure that their ally stays alive by preventing the enemy from capitalizing on their opponent through knockdowns/shoves/and CC.

    The Conqueror, Heavy for the Knight Faction


    While no official information is available concerning the hybrids, it's reasonable to presume they will offer greater role flexibility depending on their specifications.

    A Vanguard/Heavy should be comfortable both fighting minions at the Front and holding down a zone.

    An Assassin/Vanguard should feel right at home both within the chaos of the Front and harassing other players at contested zone.

    A Heavy/Assassin should be able to dominate zones, both defensively, and offensively.


    A pivotal moment in a Dominion game is the breaking status. As explained above, this occurs when one team obtains 1000 or more points. From that point on the enemy team stops respawning, and if all of them can be killed the match is over. Some players erroneously see Breaking as an epilogue, rather than a crucial moment that requires a strategy shift for the remainder of the match.

    So youíve broken the other team, what now?

    Youíve been diligently playing to your strengths, picking fights wisely, and working as a team all match long, and your reward is these final, tense moments to claim victory.

    Take a quick glance at your score. It must be over 1000, but by how much? If you have less than 1100 points, which is pretty likely, then donít hop off that zone you are holding. Right now keeping objectives for your team, or at least contested, is even more crucial than before. All it would take is for one of your opponents to slip onto an undefended objective for a quick capture―causing the point values to flip to their team, dropping your team below 1000 points, which Rallies the previously Breaking team, giving them back their respawns―and suddenly you arenít on the cusp of victory anymore. This is not the time to get kill thirsty, mob up with your allies, and chase one opponent around the map for 5 minutesÖ well there is never a time for that, but we all see it happen.

    Instead, hunker down and see that your teammates are doing the same. You worked hard for this moment donít let it slip away without a fight. That means holding the enemy off and dying for a zone rather than running. If you find yourself holding a zone against an oncoming mob it's better you stay put and drag out that fight as long as you can manage, doing a little damage if possible. Priority one is keeping the zone contested.

    One of three things will happen in this scenario:
    1. Youíll die and theyíll take the zone, possibly rallying from breaking.
    2. Your allies come to help you hold the zone and maybe get some kills.
    3. Your allies have boosted the other points enough to bring your point total past 1100 and then come to your aid.

    The last is absolutely the most ideal, as you have gained a secure lead where the loss of one objective, and its 100 soft points, will not end breaking.

    Once you have a secure breaking status you can focus back on the fun stuff: killing, but you have to make sure your kills count. That means take the risk and go for the execution, spike trap, or bottomless ledge kill to ensure that the opponent can not be revived. If you kill an opponent but didnít ďfinish the jobĒ now itís your job to babysit that corpse to ensure it stays down. Donít run off hungry to pad your K/D only to have an enemy slip in behind you for a revive, extending the fight and possibly reversing the outcome of a match.

    As a final note, I encourage fighting with honor. Many times the end of the match will come down to 4 of your team against 1 opponent. Give them a chance, fight them one at a time and see how long they can last. I promise you itís far more enjoyable to watch and cheer for your ally than to flail around as a mob hoping to land that final blow. There are times when honor is a privilege you canít afford in this game, but this is not one of them. Watch the match, test your skills, and improve as a team and community.

    Well your team is broken, game over?

    Not yet brave warrior. Donít give up the fight.

    Many matches will teeter back and forth as your team may rally from breaking. As long as the enemy is breaking you thanks to soft points your team will be able to rally by taking zones for your team, thus putting the enemies total points below 1000, potentially changing the status from breaking and back many times before victory is claimed.

    As before, check the score. You might not be that far off from 1000 yourself, and the other team might have as many as 300 soft points you can rob to turn the tide. Take careful stock of where you are, your allies are, and where the enemy is. Do you see an objective with nobody boosting it? Well, that was sloppy of them. Get there quick and take it from them, those 100 soft points might make the difference between final moments and a stand-up fight. Coordinate with your team is the enemy a pack of kill thirsty animals, then use that against them. Bait them off zones they control with your faster and more skilled teammates while the others take them back. This should be your primary focus, aside from staying alive, take back objectives to end the breaking.

    If one of your allies dies while you are broken check to see how ďdeadĒ they are. If it is possible for you to revive them, see if someone is standing over their body or if your careless opponents left the revive open. This is the time to look out for your friends even more so than before. The rest of the match, waiting for a respawn is often the better choice rather than leaving an objective, but that changes now. If the enemy has an ounce of sense they will have someone watching for revives, meaning it might take cooperation from an ally to draw the guard off with a hit and run or some other sort of distraction while your buddy gets the revive. A key caveat here is that an enemy guarding one of your dead allies might also be one less person guarding an objective. The better play might be to take a zone to end breaking and let your buddy respawn, but as always, talk to your team and work together. With organized effort it is entirely possible to end breaking and turn the tide.

    Sometimes the match will be so close that it might be better to push the other side into breaking as well, rather than aim to end yours. This can be a tough judgment call, but if you are only a handful of points from 1000 then boosting the one point you have or butchering a few stray minions might be the better play, as long as you are confident you can safely do it and that you can kill the remaining players.

    Be ready for Hell to break loose when both teams are broken. People will be running wild looking to take back objectives or chase down opponents. Those are just the rules of nature. Keep your head about you, watch the score, watch the objectives, and make your kills count.

    Concerning honor, you might find yourself alone, chased around the map by 4 angry heroes all jockeying to land the killing blow. It happens. If you find yourself in this predicament, it is clearly hopeless, then forget running. Face them like the hero you are. Taking a jog until losing by time out shameful. Better to die in the fight, and maybe take some of them with you. Managing to get kills in a hopeless situation is always one of the best feelings. Even your dead allies will most certainly be sitting there cheering you on, while also gaining the respect of your opponents. You might not have won the battle but you would have proven your worth.

    Closing statement

    So, now that you know the Ins and Outs of Dominion, use this knowledge to dominate the battlefield. Form strategies with your teammates, play smart, and remember that kills are secondary here. Map control is key.

    Good luck, warriors, and we hope to see you on the battlefield.

    Thank you very much for reading our guide for more guides and info on upcoming tests or changes then please feel free to check out the Hall of Heroes Discord by clicking the logo below.

    If you found this guide helpful or are interested in learning about other aspects of For Honor I encourage you to read any and all of the other guides below!

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    Here is a another community guide by the community member MercuryX2 based on the Conqueror

    Also check out our buddies over at the FHL with their Berserker Guide
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    Follow the guide and you won't choke during a livestream like HandheldBrando.
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    Originally Posted by AvarusTyrannus Go to original post
    Follow the guide and you won't choke during a livestream like HandheldBrando.
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    Originally Posted by AvarusTyrannus Go to original post
    Follow the guide and you won't choke during a livestream like HandheldBrando.
    Dat shade......
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    great guide! i love the massive page fillers of the character gifs looks real snazy.
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    Originally Posted by AvarusTyrannus Go to original post
    Follow the guide and you won't choke during a livestream like HandheldBrando.
    One of these days, Brando is going to flip.
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    great guide! i love the massive page fillers of the character gifs looks real snazy.
    Thanks man!

    Its nice for players to have a visual representation so that we aren't just saying "Vanguards do this" and then expecting players to go look up every single class when instead they can see a vanguard right there .
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    This guide was written primarily by Yote224 and MathiasCB, with modest contributions from Coma987, AvarusTyrannus, and MisterWillow.

    Good job guys, really... cheers... here is to February 14!
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    nice guide, allthough there is only ONE thing people need to learn asap:

    BOOSTING zones > running around like headless chickens trying to gank people in the middle of nowhere

    people play this game mode like a team-deathmatch more often than not and it drives me crazy xD
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    A very important thing is to have a shield guy on your team who will be always contesting the far point and tank 1-3 enemies at a time so other 3 members of the team could take other 2 points and get a score advantage.
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