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    SURVIVAL Crashed lost 5 loot caches

    So my buddy and I were doing a duo survival. We had been in the match for close to 45 minutes. We had just entered the DZ and took out a named mob and some elites and were collecting the items and caches that we found when we disconnected. When I tried to log in it asked if I wanted to rejoin my match. I clicked yes and then it said it wasn't available.. So I am down the 4 or 5 caches that we found plus any rewards for surviving that long... Is there anything that can be done to compensate for that or am I SOL??
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    I had the same problem all the time u dc and u get nothing u can bether wait to spend time in survival until they fixx the dc
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    Hey, we are aware of the connectivity issues and are working on resolving them.

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