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    Survival - Antiviral DZ03 ?

    Hi there,

    Could be that I'm just stupid or could be a bug however I never could get a hand on antiviral in DZ03 yesterday.

    I was in PVE session, entered DZ by DZ06 East (behind the pit), antiviral was indicated in a building in DZ03 next to Bryant extraction. I went there and antiviral was shown like on 1st roof of the building however I never found a way to enter the building nor any ladder...

    I don't know if there's an event or any condition to access it or if it's a bug indeed?

    FYI my bag was already full of caches at that time but I'm not sure this would be an issue to approach antiviral...

    Anyway if someone already got the antiviral there let me know how dumb I am and couldn't just find a door at the corner or if I'm not the only one guy who met this issue this should be known as an issue to be sorted out

    thanks for the help!
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    Ubi-gabelikes's Avatar Community Developer
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    Hey, there was definitely a way into that building.

    Even if your contaminated bag was full of caches, you can still pick up the antiviral.

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    Hi Gabelikes,

    Thanks for this quick reply

    OK thus I'll definitely give a new try that way and find the awesome door/ladder I was too blind to see ^^
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