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    crash the game

    I updated my game on the morning of 22/11. In the afternoon, around 3pm, I could play a little with my friends. After 18 I returned to play the game did not stop to close alone. This happened several times. The first few times I would open the game, start and play and he would close by himself. After it happens about 8 times in a row, at intervals of more or less 4 minutes. Now the game still closes in the loading screen. I have tried to do what is recommended in the forum (disconnect app in the background, reinstall card drive, reinstall all virtual c, reinstall directx 11 and nothing. How can you help me to come back to play? more details?

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    Same problem here hopefully it will be fixed fast.
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    Same thing happening to me as well... CTDs in 5-30 mins intervals. Sometimes the character which had the CTD is stuck, and I cant log into it, having to play with another character for a while.

    Game was working flawlessly before 1.5, so pretty sure it's something on the update itself.

    Please do fix this asap. Game is pretty much unplayable as it is.
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    Hey, we are investigating a number of connectivity and crashing issues right now. Unfortunately I don't have an update I can provide you with.

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