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    Toughness drop

    Logged in with 1.5 update and my toughness dropped from playing yesterday. I re read the patch notes and don't see anything that would have effected this. Checked with a couple friends and they are seeing the same thing. One dropped over 50k in toughness, the other around 30k. Is this a bug happening or did I miss something? We didn't change any equipment or change anything since logging off last night
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    Ubi-gabelikes's Avatar Community Developer
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    Hey, did you change to world tier 5? Similar to how the previous tiers worked, if you move up to world tier 5, you need more armor to reach higher values. This might be why your armor dropped.

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    having the same problem. Two days ago my toughness was 625,396. I have worked my *** off for ages, as a solo player, in the DZ to get the right gear and mods to toughen myself and now i'm down in ONLY toughness. As stated my toughness was 625,396 a few days ago, but when i went in the DZ it would drop to 349,724, which is a huge loss. Today, outside of the DZ my toughness is now 421,843 dropping to 365,954 when i enter the Dark Zone. What the hell? The rest of my stats; primary dps, stamina, electronics, firearms and skill power, are all the same as they were, its only toughness thats affected. I'm tier 3 and always have been and i haven't changed gear or mods or guns.
    Please fix this, its hard enough as a solo player, constantly getting ganked and targeted by teams of rogues, without this.
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