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    Delta errors again

    Seems every time an update comes out we get the dreaded DELTA errors.
    Had so many DELTA C-0-1243 errors that my game is now not enjoyable.
    We should not have these errors at all if theses we addressed before the updates.
    If this continues now or in further updates you may lose credibility and many players.
    I for one have had enough of these as it is beyond belief.
    Should i really have to put up with this.
    It is bad enough that 1.4 lowered gear etc from 256 to 229 and then 1.5 gear still 229 and have not put our gear back to 256 so we have to look for new 256 gear to replace what good ones we had before 1.4 update.
    This to me is robbing me of game play as i have to find new gear and mod it YET AGAIN and lose time doing this as long as i dont get DELTA ERRORS.
    Sorry about the rant but fed up with the constant changing things and getting errors as well
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    Ubi-gabelikes's Avatar Community Developer
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    We are working on a number of connectivity related issues.

    Additionally, the gear score was lowered just visually. The quality of the gear didn't change. We did this so the system was more in line with the scaling that we had and so high ends and gear sets were consistent with each other.

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    Yeah im having same problem. Cant do Lexington center as always get delta error at end part when barret comes out. Not been able to play for more than hour without having a delta issue. At first thought it may be just a bug/issue with lexington but no. Even in open world having delta issues
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    play survival pvp mode, around 1 hour and 20 mins so close to finish line before the extract i got delta FeelsBadMan
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    Yeah I'm getting the same error too many times in the past 24 hours. 3 times in the past 40 minutes alone.. not good
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    blackout_2022's Avatar Junior Member
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    I have also received Delta errors in various points sometimes during free roam and also during L.T. mission just during boss fight very annoying... also ever since the patch I have noticed death sounds or movement sounds or any enemy sounds have a delay or sometimes just don't make any sound until they all come after the area is clear and then i start hearing people scream from flame turret or from getting shot and to be quiet honest i have stuck with the game every step of the way yet here we go again with issues must say i am so done at this point
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    be nice is a single patch would come out that didnt totally **** up a load of the playerbase.

    How are we supposed to be hyped about playing if we cant even play. Had no delta's unless my net tripped out. This patch hit and cant even play properly. Its a joke
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    Are there any News about the Delta Errors?
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